Why Your Sign Is Emotionally Unstable

When we talk about emotions, we can say they are challenging to understand. However, there is no doubt that it is an essential and universal part of the human being. Being alive is being emotional.

Controlling and stifling our feelings may work for us to some extent, but it is impossible to prevent them from boiling and flourishing within us by demanding that we release them. Many people may need help with this to control their feelings since they cause them some problem than another.

It is more than likely that you have gone through a difficult time throughout your life due to whatever circumstance, the loss of a relative, moving to another city by force, or even not finding yourself.

Each person in this universe goes through many changes in their life, but how they process all those changes can be marked by the personality traits of their zodiac sign.

Everyone has experienced this at some point, and if not, congratulations! We’re glad you didn’t go through something like this, although we have to tell you that it is very likely that you will. We are emotional beings, and it is impossible to close our emotions in a band since sooner or later they will try to come out of you, and it is better not to repress them because it will be worse the moment they come out.

Here’s why each zodiac sign is emotionally unstable: 


Aries is the most temperamental sign of the zodiac of all and is also known for its excellent lousy mood. He has a character that makes his emotions can become unpredictable, hitting so hard that they arrive like a hurricane and wipe out everything they catch.

All their emotions tend to be too strong, leaving them very exhausted. However, they recover from that hurricane of emotions too quickly, a speed that is sometimes not very good because it does not allow them to channel those feelings without being able to reflect on them. They end up repeatedly stumbling in those emotions that do not allow them to advance because, after all, they do not learn anything from them.

Aries is unsuitable for getting caught in the crossfire at the wrong time in your life, and please LEARN AND ADVANCE!


With Taurus, you know what you can get. Even though we know that they are too stubborn, they are very honest about their feelings. They are not afraid to express it to you. Yes, if they do, it is because they fully trust you. They are not from opening up too much to anyone, so feel privileged because you are critical to him if he opens up to you.

In addition, they will not be surprised by their own emotions. They know themselves so much that they know how they will feel almost a month before.

On the other hand, Taurus is an innate controller of their emotions, and they know very well what is cooking inside it and how to process everything that happens to it.

Taurus will only get emotional if the situation calls for it.


Geminis is well known for the changing personality that characterizes them. They can change very quickly, from laughing and having a great time like a child to being very serious and focused. Still, many do not know that Geminis do not move so quickly emotionally from one place to another. However, they can be a bit unconscious.

Geminis do not have wild mood swings, and they do not have too intense emotional responses, they are very indecisive and even struggle to be more unpredictable than they are, but what happens to Geminis is that they have too strong an emotional intelligence Perhaps it is because his life is a roller coaster. He has learned to process everything that comes his way.

A Gemini can be seen as someone changeable and without any stability, but if you are a Gemini, you know it is not like that. You do not like routine. You like changes, but that does not mean that you do not know how to control your emotions. You have your moments, just that.


A Cancer by nature is understanding with all the people around him, one could even say that he is a talent, but it is a pity that they tend to stay on the most pessimistic side of events and with a bad mood that anyone coughs up at him.

It can lead them to be more damaging and unpredictable than they are, primarily based on what happens to others, but they do not realize that they have to change that way of seeing the world to face what is happening to them. Come and be able to control your feelings.

Their emotional sensitivity is very high. One could say that it is one of the highest sensitivities of the zodiac. This means that they can feel too attacked by circumstances. Instead, they make a mountain out of a molehill.

Cancer has a great memory, so take advantage of it to learn from the past and not stagnate.


Leo has too many things on his head to stop and think about all the things that happen to him, and they do not have time for emotional unpredictability. It is a warm and cheerful sign that is his emotional nature.

Unlike other signs, they are well-founded and know how to handle everything that happens to them. They will not waste a minute giving importance to something that does not have it. For them, it is like throwing 1 million dollars down the toilet, Problems one by one, and when they come, nothing to anticipate events and have a lousy time unnecessarily.

Many people think that your pride does not allow you to express your feelings, but you know that it is not like that. Damn dramatic!


Virgo and his nature guide his feelings by those little details and, of course, by logical answers. Thanks to the way they see the world, they usually give everything a logical answer first and then, if necessary, an emotional response second.

Their distinctive personality takes them to analyze everything thoroughly and makes them responsible people by keeping the reins of their lives, making them emotionally reliable and stable.

Their preference for their obligations will make their emotions take a back seat, which leads them not to give too much importance to the emotional world, making them appear too cold.

However, suppose they care about the rest and are very attentive that their loved ones are emotionally well, although they do not support nonsense if they believe that what is happening to you is. In that case, they will let you know, and they will not hesitate to leave and waste no more time.


The zodiac’s most diplomatic and neutral sign, Libra, is very well-founded on a neutral point. They oscillate from that place instead of being much more irrational and extreme people as others are.

Their emotional responses are usually sincere. That is why they do not like injustices. Libra usually avoids all kinds of confrontations even when they feel very excited about something. Despite being very polite, they can explode in some circumstances, and this can be not very comforting for you, so you usually seek to be calm without the need for surprises.

Libra tends typically to maintain a balance in their emotions. After going through bad experiences, most reach this point, which makes them colder when they have a personal relationship.


It is more than evident that when we talk about Scorpio, we are talking about one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, and even a bit changeable.

All your emotions are too powerful. They wipe them out wherever you go, whether they are positive or negative emotions. It is too passionate a sign, which results in many ups and downs.

They have a great inclination towards anger, resentment, and jealousy more than anything else. However, when they get these outbursts, they have reasons to get like that, although, likely, they do not feel the need to share their feelings with you, so it turns into a great sign when it explodes, you don’t see it coming.

When Scorpios feel offended, they usually respond with the same courtesy.


Sagittarius does not like to waste time with a series of unstable emotions. Instead of worrying about the ups and downs of his life, Sagittarius prefers to be a free being in all aspects. He feels that if he stops overthinking about things, he does not enjoy every moment Sagittarius life is two days. You have to take advantage of it.

Sometimes, they seem more aggressive than they are or pretend to be because they often screw up by speaking out of place, although what they say is much less personal than it seems.

Most of the acts of Sagittarius have goodwill, but the interpretation of these brings them many problems, but hey, they are like that. They live and let live.


Capricorn is one of the most responsible and impulsive signs of the zodiac. Being so disciplined, they are not too emotionally unstable until their patience runs out and they reach their breaking point, and when they arrive, they break everything.

Before reaching the breaking point, they usually know how to control their feelings very well. This can lead them to seem too cold, which is a very prominent characteristic of this sign.

Capricorn does not waste time with so many delicacies and melancholy. He has already gone through a lot in his life and does not want to be remembering it again and again. He prefers to turn the page and learn from all the past.

You’ve already remembered it too much. They keep it to themselves. And if they ever fall and stay there, in the past (don’t forget that it is an earth sign that tends to be too “realistic” and not to forget), you will never see it.


Aquarius will do almost anything to avoid expressing their feelings so that you know less about them, and they know that they are very peculiar. Before sharing what they feel, they prefer to keep it to themselves because they feel very misunderstood. They think they can laugh at him.

Also, they hate looking weak and vulnerable, so they will do everything to avoid confrontations because they don’t know how they will get out of there. It should be noted that, although Aquarius seems a little crazy, they are inclined more to the rational than to the emotional, and that is why they do not give so much importance to the subject.

Aquarius has a remarkable ability to improvise, making it not stagnate in turning the same subject around and around.


Pisces and their sensitivity lead them to emotional instability in which they have the feeling that they need to be the victim of many situations.

Although Pisces is bright and artistic, she also has her dark side, a potent side that is in tune with her emotional instability. They are capable of seeing the positive side of everything. However, on many occasions, they sink, losing hope. They think that they have exhausted all possibilities.

Many of them tend to daydream, dreams that are often obscured by reality not as beautiful as they thought and led them to be in constant disappointment.

Despite this, Pisces will always come out of the hole into which it falls and will continue dreaming because, after all, it is what Pisces likes.