Karma of the Signs: Discover and Understand Yours

    For Karmic Astrology (of past lives), knowing the karma of the signs allows us to use, in the present, experiences and learn from the past.

    Our sun sign allows us to discover "how" our astrological personality deals with the various aspects of life. For Karmic Astrology (of past lives), knowing the karma of the signs allows us to use, in the present, experiences and learn from the past. This helps us not only to evolve and move towards happiness but also to become aware of the challenges we have to face in this life. Karma is a commitment to destiny. In Karmic Astrology, there is no weight or guilt but responsibility and the search for enlightenment. Through awareness of what motivates our actions, we gain the power and freedom to change them and find happiness.

    The Lunar Nodes and the Karma of the Signs

    For Western Astrology, as for Vedic or Indian Astrology, the Lunar Nodes occupy a central position in the birth chart, next to the Sun and the other planets. The North Node (or Dragon Head) represents what the soul must become to fulfill its destiny. What are the aspects of your personality that need to be improved? And since the present is the only moment that really exists, this is the best moment to achieve everything and act according to what is happening in our life. The Nodes represent the purpose of life and growth potential, the North Node, and everything that happened, the South Node (or the head of the dragon and the tail of the dragon, respectively, in Chinese Astrology ). They are, therefore, another astrological element that contributes to deciphering our behavior and ways of acting, at the same time that it gives us an idea of the difficulties that delay or prevent the progression of our Being (soul). Therefore, in Karmic Astrology, the North Node determines your karma, the challenges you will face in this life. Since challenges represent our growth potential, that is, areas of life and aspects of our personality that we can improve and where we can grow, karma is considered the key to happiness. Therefore, our attention and care must be focused here to move towards success and achievement.

    Law of Karma and Self-knowledge

    According to the Law of Karma, the soul consciously chooses the challenges that can provide it with the most significant opportunities for growth. In doing so, karma manifests itself in your daily life through your choices. Therefore, karma is not a punishment but rather an opportunity to learn, improve, value, and grow the Self. The challenges we face are not always easy. So they are challenges. They force us to get out of our comfort zone and do something different. This sometimes makes us feel like a situation is not new. We have faced that situation or feeling before. As long as we do not learn the lesson, these events will always repeat themselves throughout our lives. If we do not overcome them, we will carry them to the next one. Therefore, to overcome karma, it is necessary to understand the lesson that each challenge wants to teach us. How can we improve as a person if we do it differently from our usual way of approaching the problem? So you have to accept, forgive and do well. As we reflect on the challenging lesson, we can see what we can improve on ourselves. By forgiving, we free ourselves from the weight of negative energies that intoxicate our souls. We can move more smoothly and in tune with our Being.

    What is your Karma?

    According to your date of birth, to find out where your North Lunar Node is, see the table below. Then you discover your astral heritage in the corresponding sign and learn how it influences your life.

    The Karma of the Signs

    In Astrology, the signs represent the way "how" we deal with the situations we face in our daily lives. The energies of the planets are seen as archetypes or impulses that underlie our behavior. For this reason, in the characterization of the karma of the signs, the obstacles traditionally associated with the corresponding ruling planet are presented.

    North Node of the Moon in Aries

    Ruled by Mars, the red planet of war, Aries is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: excessive aggression, arrogance, inability to control anger.
    • Personality Karma
    • The nickname of this Karma: Maria goes with the others
    • Axis: North Node in Aries - South Node in Libra
    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, which represents the scale of life, the birth, and the beginning of everything. Sign of the Fire Element, synonymous with action, intuition, and attitude, Aries has explosive behavior. His demeanor is cardinal, making him a mighty warrior. He is an immature personality by nature, acting without thinking, attacking and not explaining, reacting, and then asking what happened. The male sign does not accept orders and only follows the advice of those who know how to order, never those who only know how to ask.
    Personality Karma
    In the past of this karma, there was insecurity and fear of not being able to do something. The native of this karma lived past lives in emotional dependence on the family, and his Self could not impose itself so as not to lose self-love. He was compassionate and was afraid of everything and everyone. He didn't make decisions; he was always what others wanted him to be; he just followed orders. This karma means everything that the native must change and remake in this life, overcoming the inheritance of insecurity and fear of not being able to do something. It represents the need to learn to choose, to choose, to follow your own course in life without fear of losing your loved ones. The present is the moment of personal fulfillment, self-affirmation, personal maturity. This is the karma of the consciousness of the native, in which he calls himself the right to assert his personality before the world. He was born to "be," to learn to have his own opinion, take risks, face society and his own family, make decisions based on his personal convictions, and not because others want to.

    North Node of the Moon in Taurus

    Ruled by Venus, Taurus is influenced by obstacles from past lives traditionally attributed to this planet: inability to love, misuse of sexual attraction.
    • Karma of Honesty
    • The nickname of this karma: Underworld, Witch (o)
    • Axis: North Node in Taurus - South Node in Scorpio
    Earth sign, Taurus represents the need for material security. This is his temperament: materialistic, practical, and focused on achievement. His fixed behavior only makes him think about building and shaping things. Despite this attachment to things, to material goods, Taurus is not a selfish personality. You just like to make sure you have what it takes to live comfortably. He is strong, determined, and very stubborn; he gets to the bottom of things despite not wasting much time on details. The more practical, the better. He prefers the truth, even if it is harmful, then living in the illusion of a reality that does not really exist. Female sign, attack the slightest threat. Its highest quality is tolerance: his biggest flaw is stubbornness.
    Karma of Honesty
    This karma brings to the native his redemption and his freedom from the difficulties of the past. In the past, this native lived thirsty for power, indulging in harmful practices and black energies to conquer it. In the present, your mission is to cleanse your life of the toxicity that has accumulated in past lives. The sadness and disappointment it brings from the past are reflected in the present. He does not like the image he sees projected in the mirror; he lives in conflict with what he feels he should do and what he does; he sees praise as an offensive impression. All because, in the past, he hid his true selfish nature. This karma constitutes an awareness and responsibility towards life and towards the Divine. The native must believe in the benefits of leading a simple and honest life. Everything that exists outside of society must be avoided. Difficulties that appear in life should be seen as a means of learning and not as a punishment. Vices and debts must be rejected. It means that the native of this sign must live correctly, practice honesty in all areas of life, and build it on solid foundations. Be upright, upright, fair, and don't fall prey to the temptations of the underworld (which symbolizes indecent proposals, illicit profits, strange sexuality, fantasy, and escape). Facing reality and controlling desire, this native can meet and deal with people from the underworld. Still, he can never be part of that legion.

    North Node of the Moon in Gemini

    Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: defamation, misunderstandings, lies, hearing or speech problems.
    • Discipline Karma
    • The nickname of this karma: Freedom
    • Axis: North Node and Gemini - South Node in Sagittarius
    Sign of the Air Element, Gemini is the communicator of the Zodiac. He understands the world much faster than any other sign. Intelligent and cunning, he analyzes all the questions and learns very quickly. His behavior is changeable, which means that he has a great capacity to overcome difficulties. Immature sign, he wants to live everything at the same time, which means that he cannot be very attentive to only one thing at the same time. This makes him a generalist, a person who talks a little about everything but does not master any subject in depth.
    Discipline Karma
    To understand the meaning of the word discipline, you must first know what freedom means. In the past, this native lived a life without rules, without discipline, without being responsible to anyone. Competition, physical strength, strong sexual performance. This is the karma that this native brings from the past to the present. In the past, this native lived free, without rules. Now, you must make an effort to tame your rebellion against the rules and regulations. The vanity you have exhibited in the past must give way to honest thinking about what freedom allows or disables in order to respect yourself and others. This native had no bosses, and he was not dominated by anyone's rules except his own instinct. He believed and lived for the causes in which he firmly believed. He lived in search of self-realization without worrying about the legacy of future generations. Today this native will have to ponder what the word "freedom" really means. It is not about debauchery, irresponsibility, or the absence of rules, but responsibility and surrender. Naturally undisciplined, the rules have to be imposed on you. The lack of discipline means that this native has great difficulty regulating his rebellion without outside help. Be a better and more respectable person. Cultivate patience and balance. Pass your knowledge on to others. Think about what you want for future generations, contribute to a better legacy. This native did not know what it was to love because he indulged in multiple passions. Now, he must learn to be faithful, to consider the feelings of others before embarking on fleeting and inconsequential adventures. This karma tells us that without discipline, there is no freedom.

    North Node of the Moon in Cancer

    Ruled by the Moon (considered a planet in Astrology), Cancer is influenced by obstacles from past lives traditionally associated with this planet: emotional excesses and aspects related to the mother figure.
    • Karma of Humility
    • The nickname of this karma: Elder, Power
    • Axis: North Node in Cancer - South Node in Capricorn
    Sign of the Water Element, they have great determination to fight for those they love. Your family is at the center of your life and your concerns. It is a sign of solid and emotional temperament. Cancer needs to work its ego well so as not to fall into the role of victim. His behavior is emotional because this native lives off his feelings. Cancer is immature and tends to value the little things, to get stuck in the details that no one else pays attention to. He is attached to each and every object, not because of its economic value but because of the person who gave it to him. It is a sign very attached to the past and tradition. Female sign and ruled by the Moon, her mood swings like the tides.
    Karma of Humility
    This karma conveys to the native the need for deep meditation on his pride and understanding. Weaknesses and mistakes are a reality and not a weakness. It is by mistake that learning is done and evolves as a person and in society. Learning the taste for simplicity and the pleasure of love are the challenges of this karma. With a past where he dominated, where he exercised power, the native of this karma needs to get used to ordinary life. For the native of this karma, it is essential to realize that the power he desires comes with responsibilities and the need for commitment to the whole. Power does not exist just to satisfy the ego but to be used wisely for the good of all. This karma needs to overcome your selfishness and pride so that you can be happier. The power and great capacity for accomplishment of this native must be made available to others for common causes and aimed at the family and the construction of accurate and effective relationships. The interests of the family must override those of personal fulfillment. This karma also refers to the need to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Power and opulence do not mean a whole life. True happiness lies in sharing with others, the beauty of relationships, and building an everyday reality where the common good and the balance between everyone's interests prevail.

    North Node of the Moon in Leo

    Ruled by the Sun (considered a planet in Astrology), Leo is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: excessive authority.
    • Friendship Karma
    • The nickname of this karma: Soledad
    • Axis: North Node in Leo - South Node in Aquarius
    Fire Element sign, it is a sign of action and attitude. Strength, authority, vanity. These are some of the characteristics that best define this magnetic personality. Generous in nature, he likes to offer, but he also likes to be recognized for it. With a fixed demeanor, Leo is very afraid of aging. So don't waste time on minor problems. You prefer to focus on the big picture. Choose glory for money. As long as you have a stage and an audience to applaud wholeheartedly, all is well. With excellent taste, it shines even in the simplest clothes. Nothing fades. All the details are carefully thought out. Unlike Aquarius, his opposite sign, who reacts to provocations with his typical air of superiority, Leo responds with aggression and zero tolerance.
    Friendship Karma
    This native brings a legacy from the past out of fear of all ties, which he considers a prison, a form of dependency. However, he is a true friend and always tries to be there. The loneliness of this karma represents past lives. This native did not generate intimacy or allow anyone to get too close. Dependence is an abhorrent state, and therefore you distance yourself from all situations that can stop you. Naturally, this way of attracting loneliness. He wants to have someone but avoids ties. It has a nomadic nature. Silence is your best form of expression. This native needs to learn the importance of intimacy with others. Only then will he eliminate loneliness and find happiness. Being free does not mean that you cannot give in to love. There is a particular form of expression of freedom in relation to others. This native has a bright personality and is easily attracted to others. His personality is very well structured, which guarantees the emotional balance and the confidence to launch into many battles.

    North Node of the Moon in Virgo

    Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: defamation, misunderstandings, lies, hearing or speech problems.
    • Health Karma
    • Nickname for this karma: Pain
    • Axis: North Node in Virgo - South Node in Pisces
    Sign of the Earth Element, the objective of this native is to obtain perfection. Organization, order. This is really important for Virgo, whether in his personal life or in the professional field. For this reason, he tries to control everything and reacts very badly when events are out of his control or, at any moment, he encounters the unexpected. Unlike his opposite sign, Pisces, Virgo can appear cold in relationships and in the way he deals with feelings. With a changeable demeanor, he uses his transformative power to try to make things, people, and the world better. It is an immature sign and, therefore, often prefers to work behind the scenes than on stage. Also, in general, it relates better to machines than to people.
    Health Karma
    This karma represents a native who suffered and was a victim of fate in the past. At present, the native has a great power to heal and to establish health, learning the actual value of life, peace, and joy. You must overcome suffering by teaching others that pain has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Pain is not eternal, and it can disappear. This native should not fear life, as he is no longer weak or defenseless but a potent healer.

    North Node of the Moon in Libra

    Ruled by Venus, Libra is influenced by obstacles from past lives traditionally attributed to this planet: inability to love, misuse of sexual attraction.
    • Karma of Love
    • The nickname of this karma: Brucutu (Brutus)
    • Axis: North Node in Virgo - South Node in Aries
    Sign of the Air Element, which represents thought. Rationale, Libra has a mental temperament. All actions are thought, unlike its opposite, Aries, which acts on impulse. His demeanor is cardinal, which makes him a sign of action and attitude. Libra is an immature sign, and therefore you may have a hard time realizing your ideas and keeping your thoughts on them. Centered in the Other, this native is constantly worried about what others think of him. He is diplomatic and has a sense of beauty. Since you want to please everyone, you try to reach a consensus, negotiate, make compromises until you can solve problems in a more or less satisfactory way for everyone.
    Karma of Love
    Love without expecting anything in return. Love is the work that this native must develop in this life because inside him is everything he needs to learn. Loving requires patience, and this native was impatient in the past. You must learn to accept others as they are, with virtues and with defects in the present. The native of this karma is very helpful and is always ready to help. He is that type of person who leaves everything, at any time, to rush to help those in need. He cannot see anyone suffering and has great difficulty saying no, except in relation to money. You don't like to lend money, even if you owe it to yourself. He is a person who struggles to have his things and who values his achievements very much. While in business, there is no one to confront; already in love, he has a difficult time communicating what he feels and talking about his emotions. Love is the work that this native has to do in the present. Learning to love, cooperate and be patient are the main challenges of this karma. This ability to love and surrender makes this karma have great spiritual strength and capacity for evolution.

    North Node of the Moon in Scorpio

    Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: excessive aggression, arrogance, inability to control anger.
    • Phoenix Karma
    • Nickname for this karma: Loss
    • Axis: North Node in Scorpio - South Node in Taurus
    The Water Element sign is emotional and sentimental. Ruled by Mars, it inherits some of the warrior characteristics of this planet. That is why Scorpio is so strong, intense, and resilient. His fixed behavior is different from that of Taurus. In Scorpio, the passion for ideas and words takes precedence. Frank and direct, do not shy away from criticizing everything and everyone at the same time. Of a spiritual nature, he has an excellent intuition for sentimental problems. Female sign, attack to defend yourself. Do not follow anyone but your own ideas.
    Phoenix Karma
    As in the myth that gives it its name, this karma speaks of being reborn from the ashes, rebuilding the wrong done, and not being afraid of losses. This karma is demanding. It implies that the native has to face the materialism of society to impose the value of the mind and the truth of the spirit. The loss represents all the fears you bring back from the past, in which you lived lives with great power and greed. The most serious difficulty with this karma is stubbornness. The native needs to learn to relax and let himself go to get to what really matters and makes him happy. The native of this karma is very firm in what he believes and never returns, even if he is proven wrong. Such is the strength of your stubbornness. On the other hand, they are fair and honest people. They do not align with the conventional and are not very interested in the rules of society, but only in what they consider to be true. They always do what they feel. This native never returns, even if it means losing people and things. In the present, you will have to go through all kinds of losses, learn to let go and know how to recognize the real value that everything has in your life. Above all, this karma is about overcoming stubbornness. The native needs to have faith, determination, and a desire to grow, without being overwhelmed by stubbornness. If he loses something or someone, this native must accept that fact as a reality because nothing and no one belongs to anyone.

    North Node of the Moon in Sagittarius

    Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: abuse and excess, reduced spirituality.
    • Target Karma
    • The nickname of this karma: Don Juan, bon vivant
    • Axis: North Node in Sagittarius - South Node in Gemini
    Fire Element sign exudes action and attitude. It represents the force of action at the service of concretion. It is the most consistent Fire sign in the Zodiac, endowed with enormous determination and capacity for work. For this native, everything he does has a purpose and must generate a result. It is a sign of changeable behavior, which gives you the courage and strength to live your adventures. Sagittarius is an adult sign; it represents philosophy and religion because it is linked to the father and the teacher within each person. Male Sign personifies the exponent of what it means to be a man.
    Target Karma
    Evolution and personal growth are the significant challenges faced by the native of this karma. This person brings a legacy of life generated in pleasure. Beauty and the easy life are his mottoes. He hates trouble and hassle, which is ugly and poor. The compromises and incarcerations that this can mean. He likes to live freely, according to his wishes and whims, without really dedicating himself to anyone. He loves to be noticed for his elegance and praised for all that he knows and does. This person only accepts himself if he is successful. Your personal safety lies in your ability to improve each day, which shows that you are powerful in overcoming your problems. The native needs to set goals, create goals, and acquire the discipline necessary to achieve them to overcome this karma. Talk about the importance of finishing everything you start and believing you are capable. The need to leave personal insecurity in the past and the need to be noticed and praised for talents to be realized. This is the great challenge for this native today: to put into practice all his skills not only for his own benefit but also to put them at the service of all. After all, this native has the gift of organization, strategic vision, and remarkable quick thinking. The native must use talents and abilities to heal, help, and serve the community to overcome this karma.

    North Node of the Moon in Capricorn

    Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: inability to perform tasks, respect authority, refusing to take risks, refusing to evolve.
    • Karma of Maturity
    • The nickname of this karma: Child
    • Axis: North Node and Capricorn - South Node in Cancer
    Earth Sign is a pragmatic and objective personality. Materialistic, mature, and objective, he has enormous potential for growth. With a cardinal behavior, it has a great power of action on the matter. This sign always has one thing in mind: to carry out its tasks in the best possible way and to grow its life. It is a mature and very focused sign. He is very cheerful and witty, and he only shows this side of his personality to a restricted group of people he feels really comfortable with.
    Karma of Maturity
    This native lives with the feeling that everyone can be more significant than him. Clinging to a whirlwind of emotions, he cannot adapt to a false and hidden world where the struggle for power prevails. This karma brings to this native the mission of development, especially on his emotional side. The native of this karma lived many of her previous lives as a child. And as such, he did not have to face the problems and difficulties of adulthood. Bring to the present the joy and innocence of childhood. Your challenge is to survive, to adapt to a reality for which you have little experience. Learn to deal with hypocrisy, lies. Fears, personal insecurities, dependence on someone who tells you what to do are bonds that you must break. By staying consistent with your feelings, you will be able to become a competent and accomplished adult without losing the purity, authenticity, and naivety of your soul. You will also teach others this different way of doing things throughout your life.

    North Node of the Moon in Aquarius

    Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: inability to perform tasks, respecting authority, refusing to take risks, refusing to evolve.
    • Karma of Equality
    • The nickname of this karma: Prejudice, Nobility
    • Axis: North Node in Aquarius - South Node in Leo
    Sign of the Air Element, mental elaboration, and intelligence. He came into the world to teach universal love to all people. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebels and visionaries conquers the world through wisdom. Rational in temperament, he does not act without thinking too well beforehand. Male sign, always knows what he wants. No other sign surpasses this native in the field of ideas and inventions. As you always walk with your head on the Moon, you have a hard time dealing with worldly problems. A sign of fixed behavior, it is radical, even when it comes to defending freedom. This makes him, at times, a tyrant, in an attempt to impose what he considers the best route for the good of all.
    Karma of Equality
    This karma brings to the natives the need to learn the value of humility, accept difference, and perform justice for the global good. Combat the prejudices that he brings from the past, the result of lives where he dominated others and had a position of great power. Nobility represents the feeling that you are different and that you are above good and evil in relation to other people. This karma reminds us that we are all equal before divinity and that we all have the same rights and duties. This is the only way to live in society, with everyone's respect for everyone, in an equal position, where the interests of some do not overlap with the interests of others. With past lives full of wealth and power, this native needs to learn to overcome prejudice, practice social justice and share his assets with the most disadvantaged people. You need to learn the true meaning of the concept of "equality." Despite appreciating his family, he would never quit his job. He is not the type of person who cares about the opinion of others, unlike his opposite sign, Cancer, who does not know how to live without the approval of his own.

    North Node of the Moon in Pisces

    pisces Ruled by Neptune, a planet of fantasy and illusions, Pisces is influenced by past life obstacles traditionally associated with this planet: inability to evolve spiritually, deceive, escape reality, unrealistic, misuse of paranormal powers.
    • Karma of Faith
    • The nickname of this karma: Critical
    • Axis: North Node in Pisces - South Node in Virgo
    Sign of the Water Element, deep emotion, and strong feelings. Emotional temperament, this native is connected with the world of emotions and feelings. He has a great perception of non-material worlds and an extraordinary intuition. It is a changing sign and contains a great capacity to bring about change within itself. It adapts to everything and everyone. Female Sign prefers not to generate conflicts because he does not know how to deal with them. In this way, he continues to deal with life without confronting anyone and achieving everything he wants. This native likes peace and quiet. Serious in behavior, he is very formal in what he believes. Closed and shy, they prefer not to express an opinion or get involved in conflicts.
    Karma of Faith
    The critic represents the rigidity acquired in past lives, when he criticized and judged everything and everyone, including himself. This native lived his past lives immersed in reason, in logic. In the present, you need to learn to have faith, believe in what you cannot see, and believe in what you cannot touch. This native cannot bear the unexpected, the disorder, the surprise. You have to learn the true meaning of life and accept each new day as a new experience, where not everything can be calculated and predefined. Learn to deal with the unknown and recognize that there are problems in life that cannot be controlled. You have to be humble. Reason does not always have the answer for everything immediately. It may not be possible to manipulate the lens. Faced with the uncertainty of life, there may be nothing left but to believe, to have faith that everything will work out. This does not mean sitting idly by observing how things happen, but simply recognizing that life is more significant than us and that sometimes there is no way to control everything and everyone. This attitude implies reinforcing adaptability, resistance to adversity, and great discipline and resistance. The role of this native in this life is to avoid criticizing others and criticizing himself, and facing mistakes as a process of learning and personal improvement. In Karmic Astrology, the karma of the signs does not represent a fatality, nor a sentence or a punishment. Conversely. These indications allow each native to know the heritage of the past that he brings to the present, giving him the opportunity to improve.

    Know the meaning of the Lunar Nodes and how they Influence Personality in Astrology