How Cancer Flirts Vs How It Is With a Partner

    How you flirt:

    You love to flirt and start to feel that the other person is also playing with your Cancer. But it is true that until you see anything clear on your part. Just like when you have a partner, you only have eyes for that person; when you flirt, the same thing happens. There is always a person who draws your attention much more than the rest, and even if you have nothing with her, it is like no one else could occupy that space. You like to flirt but know that that person is worth it and that he is not just a physicist. In fact, if it doesn't bring you something intellectually, it's not worth shit, sometimes not even for one night. How to Conquer a Cancer

    How you behave in a serious relationship:

    Don't change too much from flirting techniques. The truth is that with you, Cancer, love is something serious from minute one. You are a person who contributes, who adds, who LISTENS and that, even if you don't have it for yourself, you always give the best advice in the world. You take care of your partner, you pamper him, and you have some lovely details. And that you try to maintain it day after day. Sometimes even your vulnerability and insecurity come to light because nothing matters anymore when you are with someone you care about.