How Do Cancer Deal With Breakups?

    Cancer: from June 22 to July 22.


    Look, Cancer, until you really understand how much you are worth, everything will be shit. You relive the moments you spent with that person as if nothing terrible had happened. All those beautiful and adorable memories come to mind. Yet, it seems that your head eliminates the bad ones, the hateful moments, those in which you cried a lot, in which you suffered like the most. It's okay that you do it; it's okay that you don't hold back any more shit but don't idolize or think the relationship was good because if it's your ex, it's because of something Crab. And yes, even if you don't talk about it with everyone because you feel ashamed, you also wonder what you did wrong to make things end the way they did. Why Cancer Lost Interest in You


    Think about why all Cancer is over, think about all the memories, everything that happened, and do not stay only with what your mind wants to keep to deceive you. You need to accept, but before that, you need to be aware of what there is, that all that glittered was not gold. It is good that you have beautiful memories, but please, do not forget why it was that you separated, why you are now in this situation. You may think that you are not over it. Still, even so, the more aware you are of everything that happened to you, the easier it will be to realize that everything has a beginning and an end. And if the end has come, it is for something. And above all, you must also remember that this has happened to you more than once and that, although it seems impossible to get out of these intense situations, you have always left. Everything happens, Cancer; try to get a little more your self-love. For all.