How to Conquer a Cancer

    With demonstrations of love, with zero shame to public opinion, and with a pair of noses, that is that clear.

    1. Cancer, and that is very clear to you. You do not want by your side a cowardly person who is afraid to say what he feels about what others may think. You do not want to share your time with someone who does not know how to value you and take care of yourself. Even if it hurts, you prefer alone or in bad company, only until real love comes.

    Being the perfect calm for the storm that hides under your insecurities Cancer.

    1. It is difficult but not impossible, and you know it. You have many insecurities under the thousands of layers that protect your heart from Cancer. Whoever manages to make those insecurities remain only small worries or, directly, make them disappear wins the place of honor in your crab heart. There is nothing better than sharing your life with someone who calms you down when you are genuinely unsettled, with someone who understands you and does not judge you for it. Someone who is your calm and your breeze before and after the storm.
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    1. It seems typical, but it is the truth. You are conquered by Cancer sight, and a good trip or a mini trip or a mini adventure three streets away from your own home will already serve you. Just being with the right person and having excitement is enough for you. Your heart is very attracted to adventurous people.

    Being a very gentle person who has no problem showing himself as he is. That is very necessary for the person who wants to conquer Cancer.

    1. You are attracted to people who are pure, those who do not give you a bad vibe with their eyes, the people you see who are transparent from the beginning. Those who make mistakes and do not mind admitting it, those who, for better or worse, say what they think without thinking twice. To be more exact, people are seen to be gentle from a kilometer away.

    If there is empathy, affection, trust, and loyalty, half a battle is won to reach your Cancer heart.

    1. You don't want to share your life with a highly independent person who is putting you off every two by three or who spends more time with his friends than with you, and you don't want your relationship to become toxic because of mistrust. It is evident that you want the same freedom as your partner, you want something that is the same for both parties, but you don't want to have to go behind.

    To indeed win you over, you need tests.

    1. Yes, yes, as if it were the life of a private detective who needs evidence to know the truth, something similar. You need evidence to ensure that your conquest is by and for you. You need proof that the person who wants to have you in their life wants something profound, something lasting, and for real. If not, door.
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    Last but not least (because the truth is that this point could be the most important of all), it takes a lot of courage, patience, and a good master's degree in psychology to be able to enter your life, understand you, stay and have your approval cancer.

    1. In other words? The person who wants to conquer you has to arm himself with courage and be very patient with your doubts. You have to have a good master's degree in psychology to be able to read your mind and give you what you want. Still, at the same time, you do not ask and be, above all, someone who really understands you and does not do it falsely.