How to Know if Cancer Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    For you, Cancer, love occupies a vital part in your life. You know perfectly well how to live in solitude, but you prefer to have a person who respects you and knows how to love you aside. But this does not mean that you are going to go with the first person who shows you a minimum of attention. You also have the part that makes you distrust anyone. But you know that you are genuinely falling in love when there is no doubt in your mind. You are a very intuitive person who is carried away by what people transmit to him at that moment. And you know that you are starting to feel something special when you start to stop feeling so indecisive and insecure about opening your heart. They have played with you so many times in the past, and they have mistreated your heart and your feelings that you do not want to go through it again, and you put on a breastplate to avoid suffering. But when you fall in love, you are not afraid of others seeing who you really are.

    You do not care to show your feelings because now you want to live love again.

    You know that you have fallen in love again because you see love differently. In addition, everything that the other person has been showing you little by little also influences you a lot. And you have realized that thanks to everything he has done for you, your feelings have been increasing day by day. You know that you are totally in love because you feel much more relaxed. Now you don't have to be on alert 24/7. It's like you trust yourself a lot more, but you trust others a lot more. You feel more comfortable with that person, and you feel that you can be yourself and that they will not judge you. But, you really realize that you are falling in love when you start to let the other person take care of you and let them start taking care of your needs. Love for you is paramount, Cancer, and there is something inside you that alerts you when you are starting to fall in love. When you are with that person, you feel something that you have never felt before, and you feel that you have to stop pressing yourself so much and stop being so afraid. Finally, you let yourself be loved, and you let the other person give you just what you need without making an effort for it.