What Annoys Cancer Most

    If there is someone with the ability to laugh at everything and themselves in the first place, it is you, Cancer. For this reason, you are irritated by people who do not have a sense of humor, who take jokes very to heart, and who do not bring out the funny side of anything. People who see everything black and do nothing but transmit a lousy vibe drive you out of your boxes. And when you move an inch from your patience box, bad Cancer.

    That they criticize you, control your steps, and are created with the privilege of being able to control your life are things that make you go crazy.

    How Do Cancer Deal With Breakups? You don't get irritated; there, you lose coherence and allow yourself to be seduced by your darker side. With how easy it would be for no one to stick their noses where they don't care, right? But life is like that, crabby, very bitchy at times, and that also irritates you. You don't explain why, but whenever something happens to you, a long list of many more things that will happen to you comes up. You don't have a problem all at once, a thousand come to you, and you know it. It can be with you. It can help with your patience. They destabilize entirely youჴ€”one of the things that can mark you the most. But there are also small situations that irritate you but are not so "important." For example, the keys. Glasses. The wallet with the money. Your favorite sock. "Where are they? Who took them? " Those minor mistakes do make a difference. They are little nonsense, but they can create a vibrant cocktail of impatience and maximum irritation if they are taken together. To put a touch of humor, it must be said that this is normal and that you will get used to them little by little.