What Are the Characteristics That Will Identify Cancer

    People say that you are a complicated person to understand, Cancer, but that is because they do not pay enough attention to everything you say or everything you do. These are the 13 characteristics with which every Cancer will say: "that's me."

    1. You are deeply sensitive, always have been, and always will be.

    We have not just discovered anything new; Cancer is something you have always known. You are exceptionally sentimental and emotional. People tell you that you cry for anything; they even laugh at you for "feeling" more than them, but you are already used to it, and you know that if you try to hide all those feelings, you would not be yourself.

    2. You enjoy listening to the stories of others, but above all, you are known for giving excellent advice.

    Even if those tips are difficult to apply to yourself later, your friends know perfectly well that they can always count on you for anything and always feel heard with you. Whenever they have a problem, they know that the best option is to come to you because you give the best advice in the world. Who Can Be the Perfect Partner for Taurus

    3. You are a free soul, but you know your home perfectly well.

    You love to travel, have fun, walk from here to there, see new places, but you know that your heart only belongs to one place, and that place is your own home. Where you feel comfortable, where you feel like you can be yourself without being afraid of being judged. There is no place like home.

    4. You love planning your life, even if you don't follow through on those plans later.

    You love having everything planned, making lists, putting your life in order. You have a lot of fun making lists, crossing out the things you've already done, and being productive. Although we all know, dear Cancer, that in the end, you do not put into practice almost any of those things and that you are a bit of a mess. But hey, we all know that the intention is what counts, and that is highly valued.

    5. Neither pessimistic nor optimistic, REALISTIC.

    There are times when you have been too optimistic and deluded, and in the end, you have taken a good blow. And other times, you have been too pessimistic, and in the end, life has taught you that there are dreams that do come true. For this reason, right now, you are real because it helps you to keep your feet on the ground, but to have faith for your future and the goodness of others.

    6. You are very creative.

    Your brain is constantly at work, coming up with new things and creative ideas. It would be best if you expressed all that you have inside, which is why you are so creative. So many emotions need to come out in some way. For you, the easiest thing is for them to come out in the form of art: music, writing, painting, etc. Whatever it is, you love being able to express yourself like that, and you enjoy creating or designing new things. What Are the Signs That Attracts Taurus

    7. You have a hard time getting a good rest because your mind is constantly turning over something.

    Yes, it is true that, in general, all Cancerians are pretty sleepy. But the problem is not sleeping, and the problem is silencing your thoughts. You tend to stay ahead of events and overthink things that you don't even know are going to happen or not. Sometimes this can exhaust you too much, Cancer, mainly because it does not let you rest as you would like.

    8. You love to talk and share your feelings with others.

    You have a gift for communicating and making everything you say make sense. It is also true that at first, you are pretty shy and that it is difficult for you to gain confidence, but as soon as you start running, there will be no one to shut you up. You always have something to tell, and you always have something to break uncomfortable silences.

    9. You were born intuitive and will die intuitively.

    You always realize things long before they happen. You don't know how you do it, but you are the little witch of the Zodiac. That intuition helps you read others with ease. You can know things simply by observing looks.

    10. You are the first to cry but also the first to laugh.

    You are not a crybaby, as they say; you also know how to laugh when it plays. You may be a bit sensitive at times, but you also have a great sense of humor, especially when you surround yourself with those people with whom you feel you can be yourself. Best of all, you are the first to laugh at yourself. How Are the Taurus Soulmates for Their Loved Ones

    11. You are a terrific lover.

    You have a heart, Cancer, that is worth a lot, and some people do not value it as it deserves. You have the ability to make anyone truly know what love is. You take your time to find the perfect partner because, by your side, you want a person who is willing to give and receive the best love in the world.

    12. You are pretty lonely.

    Although sometimes you depend more on others than you would like, you generally love spending time alone. Also, you value quality much more than quantity. You have a small circle of friends, and you love spending time with them. But most of the time, you prefer to spend time alone. You know how to enjoy your own company and be happy without needing anyone.

    13. You are VERY protective of your loved ones. You are one of those who, for their people, KILL.

    Be careful with those who mess with yours because you can remove the heavy artillery. You don't fool around when someone close to you is in trouble. Your people go first on your priority list. You are that person who is always there to support and help them as much as you can.