What Are the Positive and Negative of Cancer

    We all, absolutely all of us, have our good things and our not-so-good things. We are not perfect, and indeed we will never be, although many do not like that. All signs have positive and negative traits, and these are yours, Cancer. Let's start with the good stuff, Cancer, and it must be said that you are quite a creative person. Your mind can create precious ideas, ideas that can go a long way if you develop them. All that creativity comes because you are a very emotional person and, above all, a person who connects with others and their feelings. Thanks to those connections, your mind creates extraordinary things.

    Speaking of emotions, it should be noted that you are someone very emotional; perhaps you are one of the signs of the Zodiac that feels the most and that can get more excited.

    Although you may seem distant due to your shyness, once that barrier is broken, people can come to see how you are because you are a very transparent person; everything you feel, everything that happens to you is noticeable in your face, Cancer. Also, those feelings and those emotions lead you to be a very romantic and very protective person. Not another thing, but kind and generous you are for a while, especially for the people who occupy a great place in your heart. If you love someone, that person will know immediately from everything you will do for them. You care a lot about showing your people how important they are to you and how much you feel for them. when-scorpio-wants-to-be-bad But you are not perfect, Cancer; you also have negative traits. And one of them and the one that represents you the most is that you are a person with a very changeable mood. People born under a water sign suffer from pretty drastic mood swings. Cancer is something you are already used to but that the people around you do not understand very well. It can be challenging for them to connect with you because they do not know what will happen to you in five minutes, much less in a couple of days. It's something you still have to work on.  

    Cancer is also true that you are sometimes a bit pessimistic. You are not so much with others, if not with yourself.

    Although on the outside you see the best of your smiles, on the inside, you are thinking about the worst that could happen to you. There are times when you hurt yourself just because of this. And finally, Cancer, one of your most dangerous negative traits, is that you can become a very suspicious and a little jealous person. You are so protective of your people that immediately when you see someone else take action, jealousy begins to kill you inside. You have to learn to control that jealousy; Cancer; nobody will steal from anyone. If you are jealous, you do not trust that person at all. By telling you all this, we do not want to hurt you; on the contrary, we want to make you stronger and help you be a better person.