What Are the Signs That Attracts Cancer

    Some are attracted to others, but that does not mean that those others are attracted to the first. Each sign is hypnotized by who really gives it what it wants, although often it is not what it wants that is most needed. Like in love, a whole fucking mess.

    Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

    He is attracted to Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus Cancer is attracted to people with whom it feels wholly understood, the people who listen to it, who understand it, and above all, who make an effort to do so. It is not the same to hear as to listen, and it is the same to nod your head while telling you a problem than to be analyzing each word to give a good answer or some accurate advice. What Is an Advice That Capricorn Should Hear to Cancer, although it seems like a crazy goat in many moments, is much more traditional than anyone thinks. The Crab wants to have a family in the future, his house, his job, and things well done. Of course, he will travel, and he will go out, and he will enjoy himself the most. That's for sure, but his dreams are also different. Family means a lot to Cancer, without being super careful. However, they may have had many problems with some close members. They may even get along severely, but the Crab would love to start a stable family. And for that reason, they need that person to help them build stable foundations, that person who transmits true confidence. Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus know that perfectly well and know how to satisfy that need because they have the same values. The problem comes when the stubbornness of these signs far exceeds the patience of Cancer (who has little). Things can explode, and the foundations can plummet.