What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Cancer

    Your flaw

    We are human and we are all imperfect. We live in a world full of defects and virtues wherever we look. Cancer, your biggest flaw is your bad mood and your great sensitivity. You are a person who tends to experience very strong emotions and who always has his heart ready to act. Your heart is always ahead of you and that is usually not good, because things affect you more than others. When something bad happens in your life or around you, instead of assuming things and taking them with perspective, you quickly begin to assume the worst and think that the world is going to fall on you. And, in addition, people will take advantage of your goodness and your sensitivity. They take advantage of the fact that you are too good a person and that is why your goodness may be your fault. Therefore, Cancer. Why Scorpio Is a Very Authentic Sign

    Your virtue

    But, Cancer, you also have your good things. Your caring nature and supernatural affection is what truly makes you the person you are. You love to love and you love to surround yourself with people who love you. You will always wish the best to those people who are there every day to support you. Although you are a person who loves quickly, your love is not one that goes as fast as it came. Your love is one of those that remains in time until they play with it or hurt you. You are a very generous person, even with those people you don't even know, but it is because it is difficult for you to see someone suffer and you go out of your way to make those people happy. Cancer, in short, you have a heart that does not fit inside you and there is no better virtue than that. You are an attentive, romantic person, devoted to your family, kind.