What Are the Truths and Myths of Cancer

    Perhaps, there are times that we get carried away by those myths that are being said about the signs of the Zodiac. It is easier to believe what others tell us rather than stop to know Cancer in-depth and see if that is true or simply a false myth. But, there are also "universal" truths about Cancer. Here are three myths and three truths about the Cancer sign:

    MYTH 1: Cancer is overly sensitive and can't fight its own battles

    Many confuse the sensitive side of Cancer with weakness and vulnerability. But the reality is far from that. Cancer is sensitive; yes, that is obvious. Still, he is a person who fights for his dreams and who is capable of dealing with all kinds of situations. Cancer has much more stamina and patience than other zodiac signs. Cancer's strength lies in its determination and strong willpower. If you want something, you will do everything you can and do everything you can to get it. And until it gets there, it won't stop. But there are still people who dare to call Cancer weak and vulnerable.

    TRUTH 1: Cancer tends to analyze every situation and overthink before acting.

    Cancer's mind has far more power than anyone else can imagine. Cancer has suffered a lot and does not want to go through difficult times again, so now he has learned to analyze and think before acting. He is a very cautious person who cares about anything. Cancer is not one of those people who first act and then think, and it is one of those who think, thinks, thinks, and then if that, acts. When it comes to making an important decision, Cancer can spend days and days weighing the pros and cons. He analyzes things a lot, even what seems to go unnoticed by others. Cancer pays much attention to small details, which is why it is essential to be very direct with them. What Pisces Should Stop Doing Now

    MYTH 2: Cancer is very much about staying home and avoiding social settings.

    We are not going to deny that this myth there are days when it is totally trustworthy, but it is not something that is always fulfilled. Yes, Cancer has its days and moments when it hates the world, and all it wants is to lock itself in its room and put on its favorite movie. It is also true that Cancer likes quiet plans more than going out to party and spending the whole night out. But there is time for everything. Cancer is a very social and very active person, and he cannot bear to stay indoors and have nothing to do. He loves to go out, do different things, meet new people. At first, he is a bit shy and introverted, but he lets out his true inner beast when he is letting go. Let us remember that a silly Cancer does not have hair.

    TRUTH 2: You have a hard time opening up to others.

    It is totally accurate that Cancer is very about hiding its emotions, especially if it does not have confidence with others. Cancer is very faithful to its symbol, the crab, and it protects itself under its shell to hide its feelings from the outside world. What happens to Cancer is that he is afraid that his heart will be broken and that they will play with his feelings, which is why he takes refuge in that shell. She finds it very difficult to trust others and takes a long time to open up and talk about her feelings. There are times when people do not understand Cancer for this very reason because they keep things a lot to themselves. But Cancer prefers to be like this before putting its own heart at risk again. What Does Love Mean for Pisces?

    MYTH 3: It is very sticky and overly protective.

    Cancer loves romance and loves to show her love to the people she loves. He also loves to protect them and do anything for them. He is very familiar, and he could never forgive seeing one of his own suffer and not helping him. He's highly romantic and loving, that's true, but he knows where the limits are. The main goal of Cancer is to protect your family and friends, but within that 'protection' is also to leave the space they need. Cancer is a sign that loves to love and feel loved, but it does so because it comes from within, not to look good.

    TRUTH 3: Cancer can be very loyal.

    A Cancer will never betray anyone, much less if it is a person they love. In addition, thanks to that sensitivity and that power to put himself in the shoes of others, he is always willing to listen to you and try to help you with your problems. Cancer is the friend that everyone calls when they need a shoulder to cry on because they know that all secrets are safe with them. And besides that, he tries to help you and gives you precious advice. Cancer, when it enters your life, is not to leave, so usually, their friendship lasts for years and years. Cancer friendship is for life.