What Cancer Looks for in Their Life Partner

    The person who has the pleasure of sharing their time with you has to be an expert in martial arts, in last-minute adrenaline, and have good teaching on how to ride emotional roller coasters and not fly off a good curve of those that arrive without warning. This is Cancer, you are a wildly, colossal swing, of emotions, of joy, of EVERYTHING, and by your side, there has to be someone who is capable of complimenting you, not turning you off or shutting yourself up and bringing out your best version of you neither more nor less.

    You are a person who believes in love in CAPITAL LETTERS Cancer and one of the few who truly believes in the romantic and good side of people.

    Your soul mate, your ideal travel companion, and your life have to be very at your level because you always give more to everyone, it does not matter if they are friends, family, or partner, and you do not deserve to be the most in your relationship, at least not anymore. How Will Aquarius Find Love You Should Know Your life partner has to be fair, who goes in equal parts. Someone who knows how to give and not just receive, how to show and not just be impressed. Someone honest in his words and promises keeps his flaws and virtues well present, makes us ashamed of his failures, and is not proud of them either. You want and need someone capable of breaking the armor you have been building throughout your Cancer life, someone, who is deposed to leave their comfort zone and share half with you. As simple as that. You need someone with a heart with the ability to empathize with and put yourself in your place; it is obvious, you do not want a piece of furniture that does not move an inch when they give you angry episodes, but you also do not want to be judged, only you understand, that I support you, that I will be with you to death and that, whatever happens, I love you.