What Cancer Should Adviced in December

    If you need advice this month, it would be to relax, calm down and understand that only you have the power to let in what is hurting your life. Yes, Cancer does not hurt who wants if not who can. You are more challenging than many think, and you can also turn cold like ice when you are mistreated. Get it in your head. The question right now and for the entire month of December is that you must have a tiny head and not give power to others. They can't make you go down, Crab, they can't bring you down, they can't make you regret it. What Are the Stereotypes of Aquarius That You Should Know

    Live more in the present and do not hold on to so many memories, neither bad nor good. You often forget that now, you are HERE, breathing, more alive than ever, giving your all Cancer ...

    If you fall seven times, you will have to get up eight. Sometimes you forget because of everything you've been through and the number of times you've gotten up from the mud, because yes, Cancer, you got to touch mud, you got to stay down there for a long time. REMEMBER: No one can harm you; no one has that power.