What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Cancer?

    When you do something terrible to Cancer, you break the code of calm. You are tainting their kindness; you are causing Cancer to step out of their comfort zone and take a much darker posture. Come on, and when you do something terrible to Cancer, you are waking up the beast without even realizing it; that is clear. It is apparent that no one can bear an attack, an insult, or a wrong action that goes directly to the heart. Still, much less Cancer, the crab cannot bear it, so it attacks without thinking twice. What Annoys Cancer Most

    Although later he regrets because Cancer can act as a real-time bomb, explode uncontrollably and give a good candle, and regret later.

    His heart is like that, he is temperamental, he acts hot for sheer protection, but when he gets cold, he regrets having to act like that, of having to attack to defend himself. After running into the crab, the person who does something terrible to Cancer would never do anything wrong again. That's for sure. But it is what it touches, and Cancer is justice in this sense, and although it hurts to attack, it does it one way, it knows where to go, it knows what to say and what to do to leave its mark.