What Scares Cancer About Their Future

    Get out of your comfort zone or get out of a zone where you have security right now. That's the scariest thing Cancer can give you right now. Fear to the maximum? Not so much, but a bit of fear. Even if you are a very crazy goat at times, you like to step on it, and you like to know that the stability you have now will last as long as you want and not as long as others want.

    Fly very high,h Cancer, and don't be afraid to follow your instincts.

    Why Scorpio Has Feeled Off That You Should Know If he tells you that you don't have to be here, don't be afraid to fly out of the nest because spreading your wings is the perfect way to get away from the rats on the ground. There you wear that. In your nearest future, you fear that, risking in another place of work or studies and that it will not be better than what you have now. It gives you a lot of anxiety to leave your comfort zone to look for life in someplace where you do not know its roots, people, customs, and secrets. Do you know that Cancer? That he who does not risk does not win and that if you spend your life grieving for the one to come, you do not spend it enjoying what is coming to you. Something like that, but that fear cannot with your desire to fly Cancer, make that fear evolve to a level of alertness of your sixth sense.

    Turn fear into courage, Cancer, and enjoy the journey.

      And if Cancer does not win the third time, do not worry, because after number three,e you have millions of more opportunities to try and try again everything you want and more. Who said the third time is the charm? It can be the fourth, the fifth, or the one that suits you best. Do not be frustrated by the achievements that are made by begging and worry more about enjoying the here and now. Always Cancer.