What You Don't Know About Cancer When It Breaks

    Oh, Cancer, Cancer, Cancer, how much you let yourself be influenced by others when you are not having a good time and the war you fight when you are at the top of your mood. You are the spitting image of a roller coaster with the most vertiginous ups and downs. You know it's crab, and you know it because it is the same old story, and no, you cannot control it even knowing it in advance.

    When you hit rock bottom, you take an "I don't give a shit about everything" stance that doesn't do you justice, and you know it.

    When you go through a bad streak or a stage in which the bad eats up the good, that temperament of yours that characterizes you so much seems to evaporate (although, of course, it is still there, and it will not go away even by pouring boiling water on it). It looks like Cancer because you happen to be the tamest kitten in the whole pack. Amazing? Totally, because those who know you know that your most lunatic temperament can panic the devil himself. What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Cancer? Clues to know that you are not having a good time? That you adopt tranquility very worthy of someone who has more minor fire and grace than a salt shaker without salt, that you are in Zen mode, that you follow the flow without fighting for your interests, that you say to everything that YES, that you let yourself be carried away by the toxic people ...
    These are some of the many brushstrokes that show that Cancer is not having a good time, and you know it. Instead of picking up the pieces that have been broken to rebuild them, you scatter them on the ground, trample them again, forget that you left them there, and follow something else that has nothing to do with you. That is your mistake, Cancer that you put everything else before your heart. Nip in the bud with that, for your sake and because you fucking deserve it. More than ever.