What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Cancer

    What you want:

    Cancer, what you want in a relationship is someone who is flexible and who knows how to cope with your changes of opinion in the best possible way. Someone who adapts to your idea and that you can accept their help without any problem. Someone you click with hardly any effort. You love to love, and you want a person who likes him as much as you do that he knows how to value every detail and surprises you with something romantic when you least expect it. You are not a person who goes from flower to flower, which is why you want stability in a relationship. You also want a person who is different, who brings you things that no one else in your environment gives you, but who is also not a person opposed to you. You want someone who understands your sentimental and emotional side. You want to feel complicity always, at any time in your relationship. In short, someone who gives the exact amount that you give yourself. What Does Love Mean for Scorpio?

    What you need:

    In reality, what you need is a highly loyal person who can tell you both the good and the bad that happens in his life and your relationship. That he is prepared to face any problem that happens in the relationship, may I be with you during the good times, but above all, may I be with you during the bad times. It would be best if you did not question your feelings or your opinions and someone who does not make you doubt more than you doubt for yourself. You need that person with whom there is natural chemistry from the first contact. Someone who knows how to congratulate you when you do things well, but who also scolds you and knows how to tell you things when you do things wrong. You need your partner to give you the security that you sometimes need and that there is a genuine connection between the two of you. Someone who makes you enjoy love to the fullest.