When Cancer Goes Crazy

    Cancer is one of those who make a drama of any minor problem and makes everyone worry about what is happening. If you want to talk to Cancer about something that has bothered you, you better do it in private. When Cancer gets angry, he will start sending blatant signals that few people resist. When Cancer crosses the wire and gets angry, anyone around him will quickly notice. But if no one realizes that, Cancer will directly go into absolute silence. You already had time to discuss Cancer, and you did not take advantage of it enough.

    Cancer is one of those who ask him if he is angry, and he responds with a resounding no. 'No,' which means YES, he's angry, but he's not going to accept it now.

    How Do Cancer Deal With Breakups? When Cancer is angry, he wants to get attention, but he does it subtly. He tells you that there is nothing wrong with him so that you go after him and, in the end, end up arguing how he deserves. Of course, you have to be very careful because that discussion can end in tearsჴ€”the famous tears of Cancer. Be very careful about getting into those matters that are not relevant at the timeჴ€”nothing to remove shit that now does not touch. Cancer gradually develops emotions within that have to come to light at some point. It is in the discussion that they come out. That is why when Cancer crosses the wire, which is usually very often, it will take a lot of patience and a lot of stamina.