Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Cancer Sign

    You are Cancer, and that means that you are a person who has a huge heart, and because of that, you feel much more than others. Therefore, it is much more sensitive than another person could be. Being Cancer means being unique, and you know it perfectly. When you love someone, you give your heart to that person. You leave your heart and love in everyone and everything you love. Usually, you put others before yourself, and you know that that ends up taking its toll in the long run, but you can't help it. Your heart is ahead of your reason.

    You love spreading your passion and your positivity with everyone around you. Still, it is true that sometimes you are not so sincere with your feelings.

    What Are Cancer's Weak Points? One of your biggest insecurities is the fear that others know everything you are afraid of. You have a lot of heart, yes, but you are afraid of what others may say about your feelings. You are a sensitive person with a lot of mood swings, but you don't want anyone to find out that you are. You are afraid that they will not accept you for being who you are. Being Cancer is not easy, but you have to know that there will always be people willing to know you and respect you in your totality, regardless of your character, sensitivity, your defects.

    You believe that you keep your feelings locked inside you, you will be much stronger for others.

    You are afraid of showing your more sensitive side to others. But that is now over. Now it's time to be yourself and forget about everyone else. Now you are ahead of EVERYONE. Enough to put on that armor out of fear. No, Cancer, being sensitive does not make you weak. Being sensitive and having so many feelings makes you STRONG; they make you be a confident person. Insecurities will always be there, but the important thing is to know how to live with them, and Cancer, you sure do.