Which Sign Can Be the Best Valentine for Cancer

    Be careful with this day, February 14, 2019; crab, Venus, opposes your sign and will cause the occasional moment you do not like. And it does not have to be only related to the couple. But unfortunately, you may be much more likely to start arguments and fights in some form. Let's see, and it is not that you are a trouble seeker. Still, it is true that you have accumulated a lot and that, perhaps, now is when you want to let go of everything, even if you seem like the bad guy or the bad guy right now.

    It would be best to find a way to stay calm because you are starting to get overwhelmed with everything thrown at you.

    You feel that you lack the time for many things as if the hours in the day did not arrive. You want something, and you want it now, and when it doesn't happen "now," you start to stress too. Take care of yourself, Cancer, and rest a little, please; it is essential. Valentine's day is a perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, rest, go out, let off steam, and enjoy yourself with your people, be it a partner, friends, or family. You are going to heal and detox a lot. If you do not have a partner, you may fall into nostalgia a bit. Not so much for Valentine's Day, but for what it entails. For you, the day itself is not worth shit. Everything is for and to consume, but everything that surrounds this day will indeed make you think of someone who was exceptional. You may even think of trying to fix things, but maybe later, you will think about it a lot better again. How Are the Virgo Soulmates for Their Loved Ones

    Your best compatibility with the signs for Valentine's Day:

    Aries: It is an intense mix of character and personality. Neither has anything to do with the other. Still, they attract too much for a beautiful and lasting friendship or a passionate love story. It will be vital. Taurus: Surely, you will become inseparable with Taurus; each of the two will be in some way hooked to the other. You will promise to give more. Leo: Even if it drives you crazy at times, you know that he needs the same thing that you do deep down, affection and love. Lots of love. Virgo: Promise to fix everything and reconnect. Scorpio: Despite all your quarrels, you still miss each other in some way. You have to talk more, and above all, respect the spaces that both of you need. Pisces: You know how to decipher without opening your mouth.