Who Can Be the Perfect Partner for Cancer

    As everyone already knows, or if you shouldn't know, Cancer, you are a compassionate person. You are a person who blindly believes in love and wants to find your soul mate as soon as possible. But still, you are also a person who has suffered a lot for love and who, even if you believe in love, there are times when you decide to keep your distance so as not to suffer again.

    However, Cancer, you are always ready to open your heart and to meet love in the first person.

    But to open your heart, you have to meet your soulmate. A person is willing to love you with all his heart and respect you from beginning to end. That's all you need: Someone who is loyal, but above all very loving and respectful. Cancer, Cancer, do not care about the material or the physical; you are neither materialistic nor superficial; what matters to you is people's hearts. You would like to find a person like you in that aspect. And another essential requirement that your soulmate must meet is that they have to respect you, but, above all, respect YOUR FAMILY. For you, your family and your friends are vital in your life. It is essential to find a person who respects them and never hurts themჴ€”a person with much patience and stamina, exceptionally patient in those most difficult moments. And your soul mate also has to understand those mood swings that you have, that lunatic character that even you are not capable of understanding. Things may not work out with Gemini since they are a sign with very little patience and more liberal than you in many respects. For example, Cancer, one of the signs that could undoubtedly be your soulmate, would be Scorpio, since he would be able to understand your emotions, feelings, and mood swings; he is also a very loyal person who will always be there. Things can also work with Leo since he is someone with much affection. Still, perhaps you would not be able to understand that impulsiveness and the amount of energy that he gives off.