Why Cancer Can't Let Go?

    Cancer takes the award for the most sentimental person, without a doubt. Cancer's life hurts to feel that he is detaching himself from something important; it hurts him a lot to see how his hands are left empty; it hurts him to fight his feelings and let reason win the game of the heart. And that is key when it comes to an understanding of why you suffer when you have to let go of something that you do not want to disappear from your life. Behind those comforting smiles hides the fear of loneliness, the fear of letting go of something and forgetting its essence, the fear of saying GOODBYE and never finding something the same or better. Cancer may act as the safest person on earth, but he's not when it comes to saying goodbye. Inside, the world falls on him; outside, his legs endure the shaking he has, but at the end of all his eyes, they are the ones that show us the truth; through them, it is apparent that although Cancer leaves go, never forget. How Will Taurus Find Love That You Should Know Behind this overwhelming way of being, Cancer hides a heart that suffers a lot with losses, hates goodbyes, and the last thing it wants is to be left with a tough void to fill. That is why he resists, although Cancer knows that it is terrible for him. Cancer does not let go when his feeling of affection is more incredible than reality when love blinds him and prevents him from seeing that that person or that situation is doing him badly. Deep down, you may know it, but that idea has no relevance in the world of Cancer. In those moments, the crab wants to fight to the end for what he wants, even if it hurts him and exhausts all the options he has. Leave? In the life. Cancer, in those moments, would leave that decision to the moon, yes, it would blame the moon for its choice, because the responsibility of having been the one who said goodbye and who left hurts, it hurts the crab a lot to close the door to something or someone that arouses passion.