Why Cancer Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    You've indeed been feeling duller lately, Cancer. You try to keep your thoughts positive, but there is something that does not let you. And the reason for all this is that you are starting to get tired of being the one who is always there for others and that when you need it, there is no one. You are starting to lose motivation because you feel that you always help others. Instead of returning the favor, they do not even thank you. You acted like nothing was bothering you, but your patience had reached its limits.

    You are upset, and it shows on your face, even if you try to hide it. But all this has a solution, Cancer, do not despair or lose the faith.

    When Virgo Goes Crazy And the solution to all this has been the new moon on October 9. You already know perfectly well that you are a very lunatic person who is greatly affected by the moon's phases. This time, it was not going to be less. This new moon has given you all that energy and all that good vibes that you lacked these days ago. It has made you grow more on a personal level and trust much more in all your power. In one way or another, it has also given you all the energy you needed to forget that 'anger' you had and to forget all those people who did not give anything for you. Now you feel good about yourself, and you feel like you go back to being the person you always are, and you feel more robust than ever. But it is essential that you do not allow yourself to be destabilized by that force again. Even if you feel invincible, you keep your feet on the ground. If you don't want to back down, you must be in control of your life, Cancer.