Why Cancer Is Considered as the Most Authentic Sign

    You have a very, very good heart regardless of whom Cancer weighs. Yes, your character is not the calmest in the world, you do not have a perfect patience that some people presume, and you have flaws, some flaws, but Cancer, that is really what makes your character something unique, is a treasure to take care of and pamper it so that it does not die out over time (we know that this is impossible, a thousand wars can come and your character can continue at the foot of the cannon without any type of damage or modification).

    That makes us see that your character is not false; it is not a cheap copy, it is not a mirage where what you want to see is reflected, and no, it is not a sham.

    How Scorpio Flirts Vs How It Is With a Couple You are one of the most authentic people on planet earth Cancer for that very reason because you have no problem in showing your character as it is, in showing your comings and goings as they come, in being in a pure state without fear of what others can say. You have a lot of humility, Cancer, a lot; the foundations of your life are made of humility, emotion, love, and authenticity. This, on many occasions, has become a massive problem for you because you feel everything much more, you empathize a lot with your surroundings, and you suffer from problems that sometimes do not belong to you. Still, you are like that, and you care a lot about the people you love. Surround and watch for their safety and well-being, and you are very capable of everything so that everything is well and that the bad does not leave its mark nearby. Why Scorpio Lost Interest in You Your character is strong, determined, and something changeable and quite powerful. You know that when you block yourself and feel attacked / or it expands and can do things that you later feel no pride in. Still, you are a Cancer. You are a very authentic person who cannot contain your true personality because you do not like being someone you are not. You are not afraid to show how you are, and many people should learn from you. From you, all those who are ashamed of their true SELF should learn because you inspire Cancer; you inspire a lot. Masks are not your thing, and your character prevents you from taking refuge in one of them. You are a gigantic crab.