Why Cancer Lost Interest in You

    If Cancer lost interest in you, it was because you didn't trust him enough. If you meet Cancer, you realize that she is a compassionate and vulnerable person. Cancer is a person who is always in touch with his emotions and with his feelings. He is someone who feels for two, and that is why you have to be very careful. He is not a fragile person because he has much more strength than anyone, but he feels things much more intense.

    Understanding Cancer is complicated, but it is not impossible. And to be able to understand him, you have to give him a lot of patience and much confidence.

    What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Scorpio Tearing down the walls and fighting to enter his heart is something that will be very worthwhile, and the reward will be spectacular. But there are times when Cancer gets tired of always having to be aware of you. And if he sees that he has reasons not to trust you, he will lose all interest he had in you. For Cancer, trust is the foundation of any relationship. Be it a love, friendship, or family relationship. He is such a loyal and honest person, so he cannot understand how hypocritical and false people can exist. And if you act in such a way that you mistrust Cancer, you can be sure that you will cease to be a part of their life. What Annoies Scorpio Most in a Relationship Cancer has encountered so many false people throughout its life that it no longer wants to waste time with anymore. Cancer can take a long time to trust you, but if they see from the beginning that they have good enough reasons not to trust, don't even try. Cancer from the beginning has to see in you a trustworthy and secure person. It has to see the home you have been looking for for so long. Your heart has to be like that place where you feel safe and don't want to go out. If you want things to work and have a future, you must always be HONEST.