Why Cancer Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    You are now better off alone than in bad company, Cancer, because of your past. You once thought that you found true love, the unconditional one, which lasts for a lifetime, but they ended up breaking your heart. After all that suffering, you have decided that for now, you prefer to be alone. You do not want to waste time with someone so that later they break your heart again and you go through the same thing again.

    It is not that you have stopped believing in love because a Cancer will never stop believing in love, but now you do not feel that you can find someone who will provide you with everything you need.

    Why Taurus Feels It Cannot Continue You know that in the future, you will be willing to fall in love and jump back into the adventure of love, but now you don't feel like it. Your body and your mind tell you to relax, to enjoy the time you have for yourself, and to start loving yourself as you deserve. After all the pain you went through the last time your heart was broken, you're not sure if it's worth falling in love again. Yes, Cancer, everyone knows that this season will not last long because you love to love and you need to feel loved by someone, but that is something that will be seen over time. Right now, you want to spend time with your family and friends, enjoy the routine, the day-to-day, without worries. In addition, you feel that you have already found that true love, but that it broke your heart, and you do not think that you will ever find a person who fills your heart completely. And for those reasons, you prefer to be alone in a bad company because you think that no one is going to be able to treat you as you deserve.