Why Does Aries Fear to Fall in Love

    Aries, you are not afraid of loneliness. It does not cause you anxiety. It does not make you think that if you let yourself be carried away by it, you will end up alone forever. In solitude, you are one of those people you find a friend with because solitude gives you space, time, and opportunity to grow, learn and experiment. You are not afraid of loneliness because you are not one of those people who have to be with someone in an obligatory way to feel complete. You do not need to be under the shadow of anyone. You do not want to seek someone's shelter for fear of swimming on the road in solitude. What's more, you like to operate in your feats alone with your mind because that way you do it much better and you know it. You like love very much, that spark that activates when you are with someone you would eat with kisses gives you a lot of good Aries vibes, you are a very, very ardent person and you like having someone with whom you can make fireworks a lot. But if love gives a sharp cut to your fine line of independence, things change, and you know it.

    One of the biggest fears you have about love has a lot to do with that, Aries, because if love brings you a cut of your freedom, the fun is over for you.

    It is challenging for you to let someone enter and stay inside your heart. In a distant past, you loved so powerfully and scorchingly that it was you who was burned. All ashes were reduced and your true self to be seen. That then happens; it finishes you off. Put your freedom aside so that it does not work and your heart suffers. You do not want it even in paint.