Why Does Cancer Fear to Fall in Love

    Suppose there was a prize for the most affectionate, infatuated, sentimental; it would bear your name, essence, and even the color of your eyes because you are a pure heart and very, very willing to love and spread all that love you have. You have no qualms about showing the world what you feel. You are not one of those people with thousands of armor. You are natural and love in person, show what you feel, what they see is what There is, and sometimes you even hide much more because love carries your Cancer essence, and you know it. But of course, this does not mean that you do not have your fears when it comes to love because you have them, and they are quite strong--the one that weighs the most, the one that hurts you the most, and the one that you go to can lead you to madness and absolute insomnia. Cancer is the fact that you give everything and that your partner does not value it, does not see it, and does not give it more importance. That kills you, Cancer because everyone has flaws. You have them and have no problem admitting them.

    You are not a perfect person from head to toe, but you are very sincere and very natural, and if you give it all, all you ask is that at least it be valued. It is the least, right?

    The fact of sharing your life with someone who despises him is your deepest fear, crab. You cannot deal with it. You cannot agree with the idea that your other half does not love with the same intensity that you show. You trust sooner rather than later, which may be partly to blame, NOT ALL, but it is Cancer. You know it because before you stop thinking and seeing what that person you want to love is about, you let yourself be carried away. You are captivated. Because of passion and that carnal instinct, it makes you want more. But you are like that. You are not a person who controls everything, NOT Cancer. You are light and transparent. If you are afraid to love, it is because of the possible INDIFFERENCE that your partner may show.