Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Cancers So Much?

    Yes, Cancer, it is true. Sometimes it seems like the world is against you. Especially when all the problems come at once, but don't ever think it's all your fault. Your mind is potent and can be a double-edged sword when not having an excellent emotional time. From a tiny problem, you can make a gigantic mountain. Sometimes you think that the world only attacks you, but you should think more calmly and have a much more cool head. You don't have to be guided by your impulses. You lose the ways, and you know it. Why waste the time of your life thinking about what others may think of you? What do you get with that little crab? Any. Nothing. With that, you win more head scratches, uncertainty, and fuel to the fire.

    Let them think, give them opinions and criticize what they want. You have to be who you are, period. You know perfectly well that whoever loves you well takes good care of you.

    That's what matters. But for you, it is inevitable not to think about the image that you can give doors to the outside. For you, it is impossible to ignore that point and not listen to others. Why? Because others matter to you. You care what they say, you care what they feel, and you care more than anything about the impact your company can have on their lives. You have a very big heart that wants to be loved and cared for like no one else.

    Your feelings are very true, and you have a very strong protective instinct for yours, and you hate that it can be broken.

    You hate it with all your soul. There is nothing worse than the feeling of abandonment or loneliness for you. You can't experience that and pretend it's nothing. You think they don't love you because you are pure honest with your words, but think and reconsider Cancer. They may not be worthy of your trust, love, and heart.