Why Everyone Respect Cancer Sign?

    A reason why you make yourself respected? Make it a million better. It is challenging to stick to a single cause, Cancer. You are a very respectable person, and of course, it is for many reasons and not only for one but here is the one that may carry the most weight: your compassion. Compassion is NOT feeling sorry for someone. Compassion is having a good heart, looking out for others, watching over their well-being, and loving. You are a compassionate Cancer person. You have a lot of character and terrible fleas when you get angry, but still, you are a very loving and good person, with a lot of emotional intelligence. And although you are armed to take up, you have considerable compassion towards the world in general Cancer, a heart that does not fit in your chest. 

    The best of all is that you do not fix it, you are like that, and that is to respect it all your life. Hopefully, more people like you in this world of crazy crabs, hopefully. 

    Do you know what your power is? That you motivate people to be a better person. Even if you have a shitty day, you do everything so that others are not like that. Whatever happens, you prioritize friendship and love over everything else. You do not subtract Cancer, you add in the most decisive moments, and that is respectable, admirable, and a true gift to fight for every day.