Why Is Cancer Unsuperable

    The luck of whoever is by your side no one else can have Cancer. You are one of those people who transmit light, a lot of light, which is insurmountable. Everyone who is with you is instantly captivated by your quick mouth, wit, nonsense, sensitivity, and genius that comes out when you see an injustice.

    Filling the void left by your march is impossible because it is UNBEATABLE.

    With you, it is very easy to feel at home. By your side, it is much easier to believe that dreams can come true because you are one of those relics that still believe in wishes come true and that, you do Cancer makes you great, that makes you a true gift from heaven and a very fundamental pillar. Forever. You like that the people around you are who they say they are, you like how they look real next to you, and that is not the result of chance, that is the result of your personality, and that cannot be EXCEEDED by anything in the world.

    You have reached the top because you have not entertained yourself in surpassing the other Cancer. You have been surpassing yourself, which has made you insurmountable.