Why Should Someone Forgive Cancer ?

    We all make mistakes, but not all of us can recognize them. Sometimes our mistakes hurt others, and we don't know how to make amends. Cancer, you are a person who tends to expect others to understand your feelings and needs. Instead of being you who understands others, you prefer that others understand you. But this can be a problem when the other person needs you to take the initiative and make amends. Do not think only about your feelings, Cancer. We already know that it is very important for you and that you value them a lot, but the feelings of others should also have space in your life.

    In the past, you made mistakes. You must face them now in the present.

    In the future, it will be helpful for you to try to put yourself in the shoes of others and begin to understand their point of view. Begin to acknowledge your mistakes, Cancer, so that you can ask for forgiveness later. You cannot ask for forgiveness like that because, yes, for this, there must be real mistakes. By acknowledging your mistakes and apologizing when necessary, you can begin to bond stronger with others. Your relationship with other people is already good because you have a lot of heart, but each time you recognize what you did wrong, that bond becomes stronger. Cancer, stay at peace with yourself, and the universe will suit you better than you think.