5 Reasons Why Capricorn Is the Worst Sign

    Not everything is as good as you imagined, Capricorn. You will never be as perfect as you always want to be. And you have to start to assume it ... It is time to accept that you have many problems in your daily life because of that character and because of being a Capricorn. It is already good to talk only about the good, now it is time to bring out your darker side, that side that makes you be someone evil. Let's talk about the reasons why you are the worst sign of the Zodiac:

    1. NEVER forget, Capricorn.

    You can forgive if they show you that they really feel sorry, but forget? Never of ever. Your mind is very privileged and is capable of remembering any little detail. If they betray you in the least, if you feel like they haven't treated you as you deserve, you will have no problem returning it to them. Because yes, Capricorn, there are times when you can be very vindictive. If you feel that that person deserves it, you will have no problem paying him with the same or even a higher currency. You cannot stand still knowing that they have played with you, with your dignity and with your heart. You can't forget all the damage you've had to go through.

    2. Such extreme pride can be very dangerous, Capricorn.

    It is that you are one of those people who cannot recognize that you have made a mistake. You may have failed yourself, you may have made a wrong decision, but acknowledging your mistakes is not in your plans. No matter how much they tell you, no matter how much you regret, you will never ask for forgiveness from yourself or others. You always have to be right, period. There's no more. If you make a mistake, you will do whatever it takes to prove that you were right, whatever it may be.

    3. You are very inflexible, Capricorn, it is very difficult for you to listen to others, it is difficult for you to accept that there are people who have ideas or opinions different from yours.

    Despite the fact that you think that your opinions are always above those of others, you do not stop even to listen to the opinions of others. You are very stubborn and if an idea gets into your head, you will not be able to change no matter how much they tell you. That pride also comes to light in moments like this, moments where people ask you to be a little more flexible, but you refuse to do so, you refuse to lower yourself to that level. You are someone very intelligent, that is something that no one can deny, but you need to learn to listen a little more to others.

    4. Believe it or not, you are very shy and introverted. It takes a lot for you to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone.

    But you are even a very introverted person with people you are supposed to trust. You are the type of person who will never shout what he feels from the rooftops. Give thanks if you tell someone, that would already be a miracle. Even when you love a person, it is still difficult for you to open up 100% and bring out all the love that you have inside. And that makes your relationships more complicated, Capricorn. It is very difficult for the other person to understand what you are feeling or what you are thinking. You need to be a little more open, at least to make the people who love you reach your heart sooner.

    5. You are obsessed with order and things done to perfection. Besides being a perfectionist, you want things to go the way you had planned.

    Admit it, Capricorn, you like to rule over others, that they listen to you and do things as you have told them. You don't trust others because you know that the only one who can do things well is you. You like things well done, Capricorn, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is that there are times when you become very obsessed and do not see further. There are days when you believe yourself to be the God of the universe and there is no one who brings you down from the cloud. And that is one of the reasons why you are the worst sign in the Zodiac.