How to Conquer a Capricorn

    Taking you into account and giving you some prominence. You don't like to attract attention, but you want to be the center of your partner's attention. You do not want to share your life with someone who pays more attention to his own shadow than you, Capricorn, you do not want him to throw rose petals at you wherever you pass, but you do want at least to be his center of attention, to melt by your bones, you love that. You don't want to be with someone who does and says things for the whole world to look at. If you do, let it be to have your full attention, and thus, you could even have your heart.


    You are attracted to honest people, even if you do not like to hear their truths when those truths can hurt you. You want people who go ahead and win you over people who know what they say and who are responsible for their actions and their Capricorn words. Actually, that type of person gives you confidence and conquers you. If you know someone who keeps his word, keeps what he promises you, and tells you, you will be one more step away from letting him seduce you, and you know it.

    Taking into account your wishes.

    Hints do not usually go with you, Capricorn, because when you want something, you say it, period. Now, you like your partner to stick with your tastes, know what you are most excited about, take it into account, and surprise you with something. You would love for your partner to surprise you with those details. Oddly enough, that can seduce your heart very little by little.

    With very subtle and intimate demonstrations of love, something that stays in a game of two is not the new public show with which people can entertain themselves for a while.

    In other words? You want your relationship to be as intimate as possible and that the signs of affection remain only in her and that they do not go dancing around, on the street, in full view of the whole world. What is shown day by day? It scares you that the same thing is not only done by and to pretend Capricorn. You are conquered by people who respect that intimacy, making that the perfect place in the world. Even if you don't want to admit it, you are a very sentimental Capricorn person.

    Commitment, Capricorn seduces you.

    You value it much more than other things, but no less than others. Commitment for you is like almost the air to breathe Capricorn. You could not share your life with someone who is not 100% committed to you. You could not let yourself be seduced by someone who you intuit is not clean wheat and who does not commit to anything. Even if you like that someone a lot, it is something you cannot do. It is of no use to you that the person who wants to conquer you is perfect if he does not fulfill what he promises.

    Without ANYTHING that makes you distrust.

    To seduce and conquer you, it is not enough to love yourself a lot, give you wonderful things and tell you everything, promise you the moon and the stars, and paint you an ideal and perfect world in Capricorn dreams and you know it. You want the person who fights for you not to cheat on you, not to sell you a perfect life at first, only to seduce you and give you the opposite later. You don't want dirty games.

    Whoever admires you can half conquer you.

    There is nothing better than being with someone who celebrates your merits, sees and knows all the effort you put into almost everything in your Capricorn life, and who feels very proud and shows off about it. Someone who sees the person you are inside knows how to appreciate how hard you fight when you want something. That can seduce you so much.