How to Know if Capricorn Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    It is very difficult for you to fall in love, Capricorn. You know it perfectly. The love in your life is in a third or fourth position. For you, the most important are your dreams, your family, and the people around you. Also, Capricorn, you are a somewhat controlling, hard-working person with clear ideas. You like to have things well planned and always carry out the planning you had previously established in your mind. But you realize that you are in love when you start to prioritize your time a little more. Without realizing it, you do everything possible to take time to see that person. You even begin to realize that the love of your life begins to be above your responsibilities and your obligations.

    You know you're falling in love when you don't mind canceling plans or putting them off just as long as you see that person.

    Or to do whatever it takes to be able to spend time with them. And when he is not by your side, your mind is only thinking about the moment when you finally meet again. You cannot explain very well what happens to you in those moments because, in general, you are not like that. Typically, Capricorn, you are a reserved person and very responsible with your things. A person who is perhaps a little negative at times and finds it very difficult to trust someone. But you know that you are falling in love when you are no longer afraid to trust that person because previously he has shown you everything you needed to give him your trust. You are falling in love because you are no longer constantly thinking about everything that could go wrong. What's more, you are only thinking about all the good it has brought to your life. There will be things that will never change because you will never lose your essence, Capricorn, but your way of seeing the world will change a lot. You will even realize that you can come to trust others much more than you could ever imagine. But above all, you will realize that you trust yourself much more and even that your self-esteem is much higher than it has been until now.