What Annoies Capricorn Most in a Relationship

    Everyone is bothered by things and especially when you spend so much time with that person. Even when you share everything with her. As you get to know your partner, you realize that some things get you out of your boxes and get on your nerves. Capricorn, what bothers you the most about your partner is that he is a person who makes excuses for absolutely everything in his life.

    You, Capricorn, highly value success and effort. You are a hardworking person who never makes excuses when he has to do something. If you have to do something, do it today and don't leave anything for tomorrow.

    And you also know how important it is to be consistent with your actions and your mistakes. So when you do something wrong or make a mistake, you like to accept it and admit that you have made a mistake. And you don't like those who make excuses instead of acknowledging that they have done it wrong or who make excuses for not facing problems at the time. When your partner constantly makes excuses for not facing his own mistakes, he makes your mistakes. You are very clear that everyone makes mistakes and that nobody is perfect, but it is important to know how to recognize them. But, Capricorn, you also have to understand that not everyone is as strong as you and that to admit mistakes, you have to have a lot of willpower and not be afraid of what others say. Over time you have learned to pass from criticism, look, and what others say. But maybe your partner has still learned all that, so it will be important that you teach it little by little. Even if it makes you lose your temper sometimes, you have to be patient, Capri. Please take a deep breath and let your partner see that it is best to acknowledge mistakes when you realize guilty.