What Annoys Capricorn Most

    We will make a shortlist of all the little things that cause your patience to be impaired and cause some irritation in you, Capricorn. First of all, the people who lie to you. It irritates you. You hate them with all your might. Knowing that someone is hiding you and discovering that your suspicions are more than true relieves you somehow, but the blow of reality that hits you all over the face and the disappointment that comes after having trusted someone who was not legit hurts. It consumes you more than irritates you, but it doesn't sink you. It doesn't sink you because you believe in karma.

    You know perfectly well that we all reap what we sow, and even if it takes time sometimes, karma always acts.

    But you don't like hair like that, which makes it show in your humor. Second, a slightly lighter theme. You are irritated by people who think they know everything and are never wrong. And the smart ones on duty do everything well and do not know how to rectify or ask for forgiveness in time. It is also difficult for you to ask for forgiveness, Capri, but they do not do it with your hurts, irritates you, and annoys you a lot. Thirdly and finally, to give a touch of humor, we must mention the people who are used to it, who are great in life, and who do nothing but leave debts in their wake. Being late with you is not a joke story. If they promise to give you something back, they have to do it yes or yes. If not. They don't know where they are getting into. We pity the person who touches your things without permission because the one waiting for them is very, very fat.