What Are the Positive and Negative of Capricorn

    We all, absolutely all of us, have our good things and our not-so-good things. We are not perfect, and indeed we will never be, although many do not like that. All signs have our positive and negative traits, and these are yours, Capricorn. First, we will point out your positive traits, Capricorn, those traits that make you unique and make you make a difference. You are an efficient person who always tries to keep his feet on the ground. You also have your dreams and like to imagine the life you would like to have, but you are more about being realistic and assuming reality. Also, before making a decision, you consider all the little details. You are clear about your ideas and how far you will go with them.

    You are also a very ambitious person with apparent objectives, you know what you want to do with your life, you are clear about your plans, and although you may still have doubts, at least you know where you want to orient your life.

    You know ideally what the bearing is and the direction you want to take it. And that makes you have great goals and great aspirations. And the best of all is that you are a very disciplined and hardworking person, who does whatever your goals require. One of your best traits, Capricorn, is that you are very patient. You know perfectly well that the good requires your effort. You understand that the good always makes you wait. You are patient both with yourself and with others. For you, education is essential and that people arrive late and are unpresentable is something that repays you. But if you have to wait for your people in another sense, you have no problem. Now it's time to talk about the bad, Capricorn, about the most negative traits. To begin with, it must be said that you are usually a very pessimistic person. You always expect the worst. You are one of those who see the glass half empty. You know that this way, nothing will catch you off guard because you always put yourself at worst. But, Capricorn, sometimes it is okay to be much more optimistic because you will attract much more positive energy. It is simply for your good.

    Another of your negative traits is the stubbornness that characterizes you so much. You are not one of those people who quickly change your mind. When an idea gets between your eyebrows, it isn't easy to make you see that you are not right.

    It is challenging for you to twist your arm and admit that you were making a mistake and were not right. You have to be very careful with your stubbornness because sometimes it can be dangerous. And finally, you have to talk about your shyness and distrust. You are one of those people who only enjoy the company of your best friends or those closest to you. You are not one of those people who go around telling your life or having fun with anyone. You are pretty selective when starting a relationship, be it friendship or something else. And there are times when you should get more carried away because perhaps you were judging a person you did not know. Capricorn, you must work on turning all these minor weaknesses into great strengths.