What Are the Truths and Myths of Capricorn

    Perhaps, there are times that we get carried away by those myths that are being said about the signs of the Zodiac. It is easier to believe what others tell us rather than stop to get to know Capricorn in-depth and see if that is true or simply a false myth. But, there are also "universal" truths about Capricorn. Here are three myths and three truths of the Capricorn sign:

    Myth 1: Capricorn hates change and is a manipulative person.

    Changes are indeed something that is not a dish of good taste for Capricorn. It is true that he is a person who loves routine and finds it a bit difficult to get out of his comfort zone. But Capricorn is not closed to the idea of trying new things. Moreover, it is one of those who face new problems and new challenges every day, and very few people realize it. And as a manipulative person, he does not have hair. Yes, he is a bit controlling and likes always to be right, but to manipulate there is a huge step.

    Truth 1: Capricorn's word is always true.

    ALWAYS, no matter what happened, no matter what. If Capricorn promises something, he takes care of it himself, sooner or later. What Capricorn hates the most in the world is lies, and therefore, no one would ever be allowed to lie. He is a very dedicated person to his commitments and who would never leave a promise unfulfilled. Capri does not like to disappoint people, much less those who are always there and support him unconditionally.

    Myth 2: He is a very boring person.

    At first, you may think that Capricorn is quiet, introverted, and even a very boring person. But that's not true. Capricorn has difficulty gaining confidence and letting go of his hair, but his friends know this is not the case. He also has a very rebellious side that very few know. Maybe he goes out a few times to party, but when he goes out. When he goes out, he becomes the king of the party. When it comes to having fun, Capricorn is the first to have fun, give everything, and enjoy the moment.

    Truth 2: Trying to piss off Capricorn is not a good idea.

    Capricorn has a lot of patience and stamina, but it is better not to make him lose his temper. If he tells you to stop, stop. If he tells you not to continue, you stay still and listen to him. Because if you start to play with his patience, you will see the beast that nobody wants to see in the end. Capricorn on the outside may seem like the calmest person in the world, but on the inside, he is not. He tries to control himself and hold on many times, but there is no turning back when he reaches the limit. So it is best not to mess with them too much because who plays with fire, in the end, ends up burning.

    Myth 3: They are very cold and emotionless.

    Not talking about his emotions does not mean that he does not have them. Capricorn is a person who needs to have a lot of trust with someone to tell him what he feels and what is happening to him. And even so, even if he is very confident, it is difficult for him to get everything out of him. Capricorn, along with the other two earth signs, is one of the signs that feels the most but shows the least emotions. Capri is affected by things much more than you can imagine, even much more than he would like.

    Truth 3: It is made of endurance and strength.

    Nobody beats strong, brave, and fighter. Capricorn is a stubborn and stubborn person, but it is thanks to that stubbornness that they do not stop until they get what they want. They do not stop. Until Capricorn reaches the goal, he does not give up. For that resilience that he has and for that strength that encourages him to continue forward. They can step on Capricorn 80 times, and he will always get up and keep moving forward.