What Capricorn Looks for in Their Life Partner

    You have many armors over Capricorn, many barriers that prevent you from showing yourself as you are, which also prevent any attack from the outside. In short, you are under an iron layer in a very measured way, as Capricorn protection, because you are terrified to cross and fall in love with someone who plays with what you keep so well, with your heart.

    By your side, you need someone who knows how to give you peace of mind, confidence, and a lot of transparency.

    That is the main thing. Without that, there is nothing. You can already be the wealthiest person on earth, the most cultured, beautiful, and intelligent that you will have nothing if there is no transparency. It would be best if you had someone who has apparent ideas, who does not play two-way, who does not get carried away, and who is very firm with his decisions. You need someone with whom you can forge a shared future, a confidant, a helping hand, a box of secrets, someone you can trust with your eyes closed, and that is so damn difficult for you, Capricorn. There have been several times in which you have distrusted, and for that reason, you need a very friendly hand to act as a partner and as a confidant and magic and a lover.

    You need someone who will stand up for you, loves you with your defects and virtues, and knows how to be fair with your heart.

    A person who knows that love is not only shown when something happens, who understands and understands that love is 24 hours a day and especially in the small details, that these are the ones that make you fall in love with Capricorn. You need someone with your feet on the ground, which makes you fly, who breaks your schemes from time to time, but mature enough to know how to stop time and fall in love with desire. So clear.