What Capricorn Should be Adviced in December

    Do not separate yourself from him, Capricorn, and much less in December when you find your way. Sometimes life gives you lessons, and sometimes it shows and teaches you that the path you were taking is NOT the path you should take. But sometimes, too, despite the signs, you practically force yourself to walk where you were going. No, Capricorn, don't force things just out of fucking fear.

    It would be best if you dared to make mistakes.

    The point is that you often make a mistake by staying in a place where you should just not take risks. The advice for December is to bet on what you think can work. Even if you only have a 1% chance, Capricorn fight for it. If there is, it is because it exists, and if it exists, it is because it is not the end. Be a little more cunning, and don't fool yourself into believing that you are fine where you are and that if you move from there, everything will be worse. Please do what you want at once. It seems long ago that you forgot.