What Capricorn Should Let Go in December

    It would be best if you put aside pessimism.

    If you think about this year, many things have gone down Capri, not many, many. You have been very screwed up, and when it seemed that you would start to go back, another shovel came from behind. Come on, Capricorn, think that the year ends very soon and that you will start a new stage surrounded by your loved ones, by people who love you and who respect you for who you are.

    Perhaps you have put other things ahead of what matters.

    But don't worry too much. These dates are for, forgive, start over if necessary, and talk about everything left in the pipeline. It will help if you put aside Capricorn's pessimism. You must think that now an important stage in your life is over, a stage that has not brought the best moments in the world but has made you learn a lot. And another full of good things begins, Capri's new beginnings. Please be strong and believe it. Thinking that things cannot go well will only bring that into your life: everything goes wrong. Remember that everything has its beginning and its end, even the worst. And now, the future is coming.