What Capricorn Wants in a Relationship but Does Not Ask for It

    That they know how to appreciate your help, that from time to time they understand that coldness that is only apparent, that they know how to give him his space and his times, someone who truly understands him, and who is to death, forever and ever. Capricorn is a practical person, sometimes even a little cold and pessimistic but above all REALISTIC. And often, the realism is too dark to be optimistic. They are super workers, and they want success but are never given away. When they fall in love, their loyalty and protection will have no limits. Ford Capri, helping others is super important, but she also wants others to follow her advice.

    He is capable of helping others a lot to achieve their goals and dreams, and if he falls in love, much more.

    But despite the relationship going from strength to strength and developing smoothly and successfully, Capricorn needs to know that you will never fail him again, that you will also follow all his advice, and that in the end, you will listen to him. Let's see, it may sound a bit dictatorial, but really, Capri is correct in everything she says and in everything she intuits, and in reality, when someone listens to her and trusts them, she feels great. And more when it is someone who loves.

    It may not be very emotional with you, it may not give you all those kisses and hugs that you need so many times, but it will always have some sincere words and the occasional romantic gesture, even when you least expect it.

    Capri will be that shoulder to lean on, that partner who will be by your side when you need help when you are going through a difficult time. But it will also expect loyalty from you. Perhaps I will never ask you but believe me. It is what you want most in life. With Capricorn, what you give, you receive, but also, for a million.