What Capricorn Wants Right Now

    Deep down, you know you want a more stable life in one sense, but much spicier and fresher in another. You want Capricorn's free time, and you want new things, new faces, and new energy. You also want a new mind because your wear in 2018 has been worthy of an Oscar; seriously, you have put yourself to the limit many times. It is time to pamper yourself and love yourself more, goat.

    Labor speaking, you want stability and coherence; you want this year to allow you to be lucky enough to be able to do what you like the most with time FOR YOU.

    Both things together are compatible, but your 24/7 hardworking, controlling, and organized mind has put itself between a rock and a hard place more times than it should; it has put you goat in situations of maximum exhaustion, but as a good goat stubborn, you have continued forward, and you know what? That you are not going to do it anymore. Capricorn, from now on, it is forbidden to leave the energy batteries low, okay? What Annoies Cancer Most in a Relationship

    Take it as an order or as you please, but learn to know where your limits are and say enough; by doing that, you do not stop being professional in whatever you do.

    You want emotion; deep down, you even want to let yourself go, Capricorn, so you know, make 2019 the year in which your mind takes a radical turn, healthy and fun, and let yourself go because your social life needs a good dose of rumba and laughs. And think Capricorn, think a lot about what you want and what does not suit you, do not settle for fear of what they may think, and if you have a good dream that you want to fulfill, fight for it because here the only failure that exists is not acting. Go for it.