What Capricorn Will Never Do

    "A Capricorn will never let a small problem become a big problem" that's what they say about you. Still, there is something else to point to this Capricorn phrase: you will never allow that, but if it really happens and you can't do anything to stop it, you make it disappear and go. That's right, and you don't do it by magic. What would you never do? Embrace failure. Neither in dreams nor in the painting would you have that scene in your life, and you know it.

    Failure is not failure, and the failure does not mean that you have lost. Failure is the last rotten and black step from which you cannot go back down, and you like to go up and down Capricorn; you like to be in control of your destiny.

    What Taurus Should Stop Doing Now You have failed, you have lost, but even so, you have never wholly failed Capricorn because you know how to reinvent yourself. You know how to make good learning of each one of your mistakes, and you know it. You don't let a failure stain your way because you are more of a return to the load when life knocks you down one way or another. Your most hard-working and stubborn part helps you a lot here. Thanks to them, he has an excellent base, substantial ideas, and a hard-working and fighting spirit at incredible levels. You are not just any Capricorn hard-working person, and you know it. Some people do not understand that organization is so marked that you have for everything. Some people prefer to let go and go with the flow, and THAT is the difference. You let yourself be carried within your guidelines and with a lot of your intelligence. That is what almost always gets you on the right trackჴ€”a path with errors, of course, but a path free of failure.