What Is the Best Part of Dating Capricorn

    The best thing about dating you, Capricorn, is your very stable character and the confidence that you transmit from the beginning. You always have such clear ideas that you transmit much security. You know ideally what you want and what you don't want in your life. You are assertive and supremely self-confident, Capricorn, and that is one of the best things about having you by my side.

    Even though the world is falling apart, you are that person who continues to fight against adversity and with your ideas always very clear.

    How Will Scorpio Find Love You Should Know You are a hard worker who always fights until you get what you want. And the best thing about having you by the side is that you teach your partner to be like that. You teach him to strive to fulfill his dreams and work for what he wants to achieve. When things start to get complicated and go wrong, Capricorn, you are that person who is always there to help fix it. You always have your feet on the ground. You are such a confident person that you transmit a lot of tranquility and temperance. Even if everything is wrong inside, you always have a smile for others.

    Capricorn, it is true that it is tough for you to trust others at first.

    They have broken your heart so many times and played with it so much that you have already learned to protect yourself and your heart. But once you discover that you can trust that person, you become incredibly loyal and faithful. The best thing about being with you is that certain trust. You are one of those people who ALWAYS keep your promises and everything you say. And besides, when you give yourself to a person, you give yourself to the fullest, and you have no eyes for anyone else. You do not understand how there are unfaithful people, and you do not understand what can go through their heads to be like this. How to Conquer a Scorpio In addition, something also extraordinary about going out with you, Capricorn, is how you have to show what you feel and show your love. You are not one of those people who is saying 'I love you' 24 hours a day. You are not one of those who bring flowers and sweets day in and day out. You are an unromantic person, but that does not mean that you do not know how to show your love. In fact, you do it like everyone really should. You prefer to show your love with deeds on a day-to-day basis. Capricorn, you are just the person many would need in their lives. The best thing about dating you, Capri, is having such a loyal person by your side.