What Is the Secret to Gain the Trust of Capricorn?

    Gaining the trust of Capricorn is something that is not going to be accessible at all, so if you want to achieve it, the first thing you have to do has become aware that you are going to have to work a lot. Everyone says that Capricorn is an icy person, a person without emotions, but you must not be wrong. Capricorn is like that except when he already trusts you. This is because he wants to avoid being hurt; he wants to avoid, however, that they break his heart and end up suffering. Capricorn is distrustful by nature, and yes, he can be very cold because experience has told him that the best thing to protect himself is to be that way.

    The secret to gaining the trust of Capricorn is to be patient, VERY patient.

    Capricorn hates to be rushed and much more when it comes to sensitive subjects, subjects that affect his heart. If he sees in you that you are patient, that you have no problem waiting, that you will respect the time that Capricorn needs to open up. Simply with that, you have earned the majority of his trust. Another significant factor is that you are honest and loyal, but that is something that everyone should be. Knowing how to wait for Capricorn shows him that he cares about you, that you are going to spend time getting to know him. In addition, another key to gaining their trust is to have deep and philosophical conversations. These conversations show Capricorn that you are an intelligent person who has clear ideas and does not go around hurting anyone. Although he is a bit reluctant to express his opinions at first, it may be; Capricorn will let you know how he feels and leave you subtle clues about his feelings.

    Once you have managed to enter the heart of Capricorn, the next step is to know how to maintain that confidence.

    Who Can Be the Perfect Partner for Taurus And for this, you will have to be very understanding. Capricorn is very overwhelmed by those people who believe they are above others, those who believe they have the power to command over others. He cannot bear to be with someone who disagrees with him. So, to make your relationship with Capricorn last, what you have to do is open your mind. Dealing with Capricorn's stubbornness can be very difficult, but only the most understanding people will be able to do it. When you know that Capricorn is not correct, explain why he is not right with logical arguments. And when you know he is wearing it, pay attention to him.