What Scares Capricorn About Their Future

    May your future be stained by the mistakes of the past. May your future be stained with the negative energy of the people you have been leaving Capricorn behind. It scares you that your future will change radically and that it is not what you really deserve: a future full of prosperity and good things. A change of job, home, environment, city, or friends. A sudden change in what you do NOT want Capricorn for your future right now. You know what it is to have a terrible time for not having complete control of your life, and you do not want that again. It scares you that someone will come and screw it all up. Do you know what happens? That people have a very wrong concept of you. They think that you do not suffer, that you do not feel and do not suffer from the things surrounding you, but they do not know that you carry everything inside. You have been through situations that may not be supported by anyone else. Here you are, Capricorn, and you are very proud of it. Why Scorpio Lost Interest in You

    That you do not express what you feel at all times does not mean that you do not feel it, that is the key because you know very well what fear is because of uncertainty and because you do not know what will happen.

    Let your future flow and let what has to come, Capricorn, right now, the best thing for you is to squeeze every moment of your present and enjoy the good things that are raining down on you right now. Let everything toxic be left behind; let the people who love you take care of you, Capricorn, let time put everyone in their place. Positive energy thieves are like Capricorn flies, and they are everywhere. Still, if you have a good repellent (in this case, we would talk about your positivity), you have the battle more than one. Flood your nearest future with that vitality that you are experiencing lately. Capricorn flies, consistently high, hand in hand with whoever helps you and with the most fundamental pillars in life: love, family, and hard work. You know what that is about, so go for it all.