What You Don't Know About Capricorn When It Breaks

    The world can end, and you can continue without saying a word about what happens to you, Capricorn; when you are wrong, you do it, and you know it more than enough. When you are not an okay goat, and you have to go through a bad streak, you do not tell it, you do not say it, and no, you never show it. People think that you are a cold rock that neither feels nor suffers, that you don't have blood in your veins for not speaking, or that you don't give a shit about anything because you don't show it. Nobody has the slightest idea how wrong this is because, yes, you may be the least expressive person on earth when it comes to showing what happens to you. Still, you may be the one who suffers the most and the one who suffers the most. Harm herself / or, for that very reason, for swallowing it all alone and not telling anyone about your problems. Why You Should Not Fool Virgo

    You go off the subject when you feel that your heart can't take it anymore; instead of picking up the pieces, you go off the subject because that way, you do yourself more minor damage.

    They think that you go off the subject because you don't care, and no, it is not valid because if you do, it is NOT to suffer more and take care of your heart. People have a very wrong concept of your goat because it is straightforward to think that someone strong of mind is strong of heart, and no, it does not have to be that way because you are a clear example of it. Because of your truth, because of that immense ocean that you have of Capricorn feelings, many people would be able to end up prey to see it on the front page. Even if you don't believe it, many people would be very capable of knowing what it is. You think when you go through a streak lower than usual.